Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Days ARE OVER!!!

Alright so I got bored of the 30 day challenge.
I fail.
But only because I want to blog about my interesting days that are here!
Not previous ones. I only talk about previous days if I have nothing better to talk about!
Anyways... Oh I would like to talk about books! Lately I have been addicted reading books!
Just any book will do, but I have a guilty pleasure.
I'm not sure how guilty it is if I dont feel so guilty reading it though...
I have just finished reading a book called...
This book was an awesome book! It was kind of long, and depressing, but I still loved it!
This book was about a little boy whose entire world is a small room.
His mother lives with him and you find out why they are there.
This book was full of perspective. I just have mixed feelings about this book.
Would I recommend it.. Maybe.. It lays 50/50 for me. Like It was a great book however it just lingers...

Now I am reading two more books! This next one I started last week..

This I would reccomend to anyone out there!
I am not one who is big in the whole sci-fi books, but this book is a real page turner!
I know it looks nerdy and old but really this book is a classic.
This book I am only in the beginning but just reading it you'll know it will get better.
When I read this book it is almost like the hunger games but more futuristic (technological).
But yes HIGHLY reccomended.

Alright my guilty pleasure...
I am someone who loves self-help books.
I am not depressed, nor upset from any traumatic expirence,
but instead these books just really help you learn to be open.
To see oppertunities that lie in front of you and to take them!
These books just help you become a happy/successful person in life.
So here is the next book I am reading...

I dont even know what to say about this book!
It is just amazing. It really uplifts your mood, and helps you
gain happiness skills! Haha yeah...
I think these books are really helpful if you want to be someone
happy in life and successful. I think everyone
needs a happy boost every once in a while, everything you want to
do in life you should do. If you think you deserve to be the richest person
in the world then by golly go do it! Because honestly anything you
think you are meant to be, or want to do, you were made for.
So be happy and go accomplish EVERY GOAL you have out there!
That basically is a crappy summary of the book.
The guy who writes this really makes his words uplift you.
He is magic. Haha he knows what to say.
I dont... But thats not my goal. So I will just reccomend reading
one of these books someday okay!