Sunday, April 3, 2011


"Action is the foundational key to all success."
-Pablo Picasso

For almost a year now I have been planning to go to India. I was imagining myself

getting off of the plane and seeing the beauty India has to offer.

I would see myself working with the children, helping them, teaching them, learning from them...

All we had to do to recieve this dream was to earn $3,500 before the deadline.

It's funny... At first the money was the last thing on my mind. It was India! India! I get to travel around the world!

Selfish I know. But meeting after meeting my views started changing.

I had to start asking myself what is the real meaning of this trip? I needed to ask myself that question every day.

Those kids needed us. All of us. This is not a vacation. And I was so close to not making it...

However I could not give up. If I gave up I would be letting the kids down. I'd be letting myself down.

But guess what. I made it. $3,500 dollars cash all in.

No way could I have just done that by day dreaming all year about it. I had to take action. I had to work for it.

It really was a life lesson. Like the quote above. Action is the key to success.

You can't break down walls by just staring. You have to take action. You have to work for it.

And let me tell you the feeling is great! Nothing in the world feels greater then defeating those Goliaths.

Now i'm not saying that you shouldn't day dream. Becuase without that dream their would be no reason.

So dream big, and make it come alive.

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
Lao Tzu


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Exclamation points

So I realized whenever I use these --> !!! They look like the letter L...

Makes me sad... I should fix it but i'm lazy. Very Lazy. Also My last

poast said the places i'll/you'll go way to much.. sorry to burden you 

with those words. I also realized I spelled "post" wrong in this poast.

But once agian. Laziness. If you ask any of my good friends they will

most likely say i'm a lazy person... True but lets just skip the part of

you (<-- Agreeing? is that right?) with me... Cuz I know 

its true and telling me would only bring me down. I'm a sensitive child

as well.. ish... I also write alot. Alot of boring stuff.. If you have read 

this far i'm proud of you! Gold star sticker on your forehead for you!
 Your probably a loser like he is for reading this much. Nah I kid,
 your not a !oser.

haha I used an exclamation point for the loser word instead of an "L"!(<-- that is an exclamation point) Tricked you huh!

It really looks like an "L"(Eye-I, ELL-l, Exlamation point-!)... Point proven... So yeah I have alot to say today if you couldn't tell.

I really do give you props for reading my simple yet boring life as a child.

Anyways back to that picture. He looks like he is going to try and pop a zit does he not?

It's already a turn off that he has nerdy glasses (you get what I mean i'm not checking him out) but to add the fingers pinching in on eachother?

why couldn't he just use one finger? Was two really neccesary?

Gosh darn this stupid blog. I can't spell anything. I'm sure I spelled neccesary wrong.

Anyways. Your probably getting bored and want another prize for reading this far...

Here you go you selfish jerk... (always has to have something in it for you)

Happy now? You got a little girl giving you a big prize.


Oh, The Places I'LL Go!!!

The Places I'll Go

Its crazy how close I am to heading off to India! 6 more days and i'm off!!

Sadly i'm still 50 dollars short of my trip but hopefully I can earn that money before the end of today.

Not only is India coming up, but graduation is right around the corner!

Its sad to think of all the seniors going our seperate ways finding our passion in life.

What is even sadder (<-- is that even a word?) is that I just ended off on a bad note with some friends.

Its stupid. I would like to fix it but i'm not one to confront my problems :P

I'm excited for this trip to India. It's a new expierence, a new perspective, a new attribute that will follow me throughout my life. I'm glad my mom got me involved. It really is an amazing feel.

You know as a kid I had such a crazy imagination.

 I always thought different countries would look way different from where I lived. 

Such as one country being black and white, another country everything is 2x smaller, and maybe one has people with peanut butter lips! 

As we get older we tend to lose our imagination and its really sad :(

Imagination is key to everything and anything to your future! With imagination you can make what you see possible!

Grr... I dont know where i'm going with this conversation all I know is I get it and I can't put it in words!!!

Blogging is not my thing   yet... ;) I will blog often and sooner or later I will become a great creative writer and will be very proud of my blog.

But yeah to end on a boring, awkward, and slightly uncomfortable feeling...

That was me trying to put my shirt on this morning...