Saturday, September 28, 2013

Europe and... sleeping in Tailor's Hostel (Spain)

It's felt like a boring week,
but I'm about to share some pretty exciting stuff(;

Ever since our friends left at 360 we haven't done much.
Darien and I were used to being up late due to our previous adventures.
However this new hostel doesn't have as many friendly people.
It's small.
So we usually are up late reading or watching TV shows.
I was very disappointed in ourselves.
So I drained every source I had to find out what we could do,
since we didn't usually wake up till late afternoon it was a bit hard.

Luckily, I found out we were there during La Mercé
It was a festival they held at the end of September.
They always had something going on during the day and night.
So I got Darien and I up and going to our first stop.
The Procession of Giants.
I wish I could have taken better pictures,
much less not deleted them all because I thought they looked bad.
But they had these costumes that were.. well GIANT!
It was awesome, you'd see these giant costumes of people
walking down the streets of Barcelona! 
Everyone was smiling and throwing confetti
but point being we all were having a great time.

(Example picture I found online)

After that we walked around the city at night.
Found some cool bracelets we bought for €1.
Then headed home to do our boring night ritual.
Which of course was reading, watching TV shows,
And eating all of our bread.
We love Toast. It's better bread, and thats a fact,
 and so we abuse our loaf of bread.
We go through a loaf every day.
(I have cinnamon... as most of you know, it's my addiction)
Darien somehow eats toast plain... Weirdo
But yes. Bread goes by fast.
Don't worry though we have more food!
We eat pasta, eggs, tomatoes, and cereal!
Basically any free food we find.

La Mercé 2013

(I'm abusing pictures I find online)

We saw these posters EVERYWHERE.
We thought they were a disney production film.
So we ignored them.
Little did we know it was for the festival o_O

The next night we got to see the fireworks.
Words couldn't explain our experience we had 
with the fireworks of Barcelona's La Mercé...
When we started making our way there,
it almost sounded like cannons and guns were being fired.
The fireworks were so close,
so the noise was SO LOUD.
Not to mention this was a firework music show.
So the fireworks matched with the music being played, 
it was insane!
I might've lost some of my hearing due to this amazing experience.
But the great thing was,
that the fireworks were above the Magic Fountain.
The Color.
The Size.
The Atmosphere.
The Loud BOOM's Pulsing Throughout Your Body...
No firework show could ever beat what we were able to experience.

This picture coming up I had taken.
Darien and I were at the VERY FRONT.
Sadly we had this pillar in the way but I still am happy.
It didn't take away from our experience at all!

We stood just meters back from where the fireworks went off.

Another picture I found online.
I use this to show you how many people were there,
You can see the fountain under the fireworks, its white.
But it changed colors to match the show.

If you look at that picture you'll see
up towards the fountain a line where there isn't light in the crowd.
Those were bridges above the roads,
no one had access to get on them sadly.
But Darien and I were up in the front of those.
So we were able to get a really good spot(:

After that we hit the sack.
The next day we slept in all day and did some grocery shopping.
Everything is so cheap compared to Ireland.
So we stocked up!

Then we had a boring day.
I decided we had to go to the Beach.
So I told Darien we had to wake up early.
He tends to sleep more if given the opportunity.
Someone has to wake him up.
Luckily I can get up pretty easily.
I ended up waking up at 7AM!
Not necessarily by choice.
My body just wouldn't fall back asleep.
So I got up made myself some breakfast.
Then pretty much waited till noon to wake Darien.
The more sleep Darien has the happier he is.
So we went to the beach!
We pretty much spent the whole day there(:

Since then we have been at the hostel.
I still enjoy getting up and walking around.
Darien and I kinda do our own thing.
Traveling with someone this long...
It's nice to have some alone time.
To go out and just do stuff on your own.
(Parents we are still very safe and making sure
 to let the other know what we are doing and for how long)

So with that being said I will end this with my favorite pictures
I had taken on my personal walking tour(:

I lied this was when Darien and I walked to the beach.
Lots of people dressed funny to get money on the streets.
This was my favorite.
Yellow Lady, on a Yellow Bike!


Making my way to the cathedral(:


Stay Smiling
Baba Booey!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Europe & Going... destination Spain!

We have arrived in Spain!!!

With Ireland in the past
our next adventure is in BARCELONA!
You heard me right.
We're living it up in the BCN!
(BCN is the acronym for Barcelona)

Once we got there it was 8:30PM
So we made our way to the closest hostel.
We had one booked but it was quite far away.
So we ended up staying elsewhere.
Our first hostel wasn't something I'd go back to.
It was tiny and didn't seem comfortable.
It had the best reviews in Barcelona,
but I think people were paid to write them
because that place didn't have anything to write about.
But hey, it was cheap so I can't complain.

We went to bed pretty early,
and the next day we made our way
to a hostel named 360.
Jordan and Rose (Barnacle Gang from Galway)
recommended it to us.
I have to say this hostel ROCKS!
It's spacious, comforting, the kitchen is big enough
for me to cook in, and last of all...
We got a free dinner!

For those family cooks, 
I finally understand how nice it is 
to not have to cook one night.
To be treated ourselves!
I think we plan on staying here till France.
This hostel has a lot of free activities,
Walking Tours, Club Entrence, PING PONG!!,
Computers, and its right in the centre of it all!
By far my favorite hostel yet.

As of Barcelona so far,
it has been pretty cool.
We walked around the city and got postcards!
This place halves the prices compared to Ireland.
Ireland definately killed us.
Our bank accounts are at dangerously low levels.
However we do have a couple Help Exchange
jobs we've managed to get.
More than likely we'll be doing that for the rest of our trip.
We just have to tough it out another 2 weeks.
As for the city here are some photos!

We managed to witness some gathering.
I think it was to bless those who protected
Barcelona from being taken over.
I dont know a lot about this though
so don't take my word for it.

This is the Catedral in Barcelona.
The picture doesn't match the justice.
It's far more intricate and beautiful.
But for now it will have to do.

This park had birds ALL OVER!
Seriously you had to watch where you were walking.
Many people come to feed the birds.
As you can see the girl in this photo is doing so.
Birds swarmed all over her!
They were not afraid to hop on her arms either!
Stay tuned because Darien & I plan to do this!

As you can see it is great so far.
That night we joined the group and went
and experienced Barcelona's nightlife
with our new found friends from our Hostel, 360.
We got free club entry to "The Beach"
and guess what... It was on the beach!
The club was so fancy and beautiful.
However, Darien and I didn't sleep much
the night before. So we didn't stay long.
As beautiful as it was we couldn't enjoy it much longer.

The next day we slept in very late.
Which was fine, we had a new room mate we met.
His name was Jean-Paul, but we called him JP.
He told us he was from California,
and that he just is finishing up his 3 month trip around Europe.
He told us stories of his trip and it was awesome to hear.
We hung out at the hostel, played some cards,
and of course, our card game brought in more friends.
We also met a girl named, Aylin from Germany,
Two twins from Austria, Lana & Lisa,
and two girls named Asha,
(Really they are both named Joanna)
and they are from Poland.

We all had a blast that night.
After we played some cards, we all went out.
We went and saw the Magic Fountain.
It was a beautifully large fountain that they did a light show with.
You would see soft colors of blue, red, and yellow
lighting up the water with americanized music playing in the background.
Now I wouldn't say it was anything too amazing.
But most of our amazing experiences come
from having the right crowd with you.
And I couldn't think of any better group in Barcelona to be with.

Here is where they held the Magic Fountain.

Here would be our amazing group!
We owe Kudo's to one of the staff from our Hostel
he took this picture of us(:
Two people up top I didnt catch their names.
Top Row: (?), Lana, Darien
Middle Row: Asha, Asha, Lisa
Bottom Row: ME, Aylin, Jean-Paul(JP)

Soon after we went to this pub,
Jordan and Rose (Barnacle Gang) had recommended.
It was more of a local pub and so we got to experience
the real side of Barcelona. Got to see how the local's do!
It was great, and I was so grateful for that opportunity.
We all had tons of fun that night and I know it's a night we'll never forget(:

This day I went to the beach with JP, Asha, & Asha!
Darien wasn't feeling well so he didn't tag with.
The rumors are true! Barcelona has BEAUTIFUL beaches! 
I loved it,
I don't have much experience at the beach.
Close to none. BUT NOW I DO!
So being able to experience one of the best beaches in the world...
Well if you asked the people I went with.
They probably would tell you my inner child came out.
I dug in the sand, played in the waves, swam out to sea...
I just couldn't hold it in.
See I never really gave beaches their fair share of love.
I didn't grow up by them, so I didn't really get to appreciate them.
Boy... was I lucky to be able to not only enjoy an amazing sight,
but I also had amazing friends to accompany my new found experience.

My obsession of taking selfies comes out,
this one happens to be at the beach.
(Also that hotel you see in the background.. on the far left, is €3,500 a night.. that's more than $4,000!)

You can see how childish I look.
Along with my childish friends who decorated my body.
Asha is on the right, JP on the left(:

Now I LOVE this picture.
However if Asha saw this she'd kill me.
She is a bit self concious.
Hopefully she doesn't kill me after this :3

We spent the whole day there.
Barcelona keeps one upping itself each day :D
I left early, while the group stayed back.
I was getting tired, and wanted to nap for our next adventure.
So I made my way back to the hostel.
I know what you're all thinking,
and you couldn't have been more right.
Because walking back was a terrible idea.
I got lost!
The city is huge! Plus people mainly speak Spanish,
so getting directions was near impossible!
I spent two whole hours walking around before I found my way home.
Can't say it was terrible though.
I did get to experience the city and see... well everything.
Once I got back I was welcomed by JP.
For they stayed at the beach another two hours,
while I aimlessly walked around the city.
It is something I look back and laugh at though.

We didn't go out that night.
No one was really up for it,
I didn't get my nap, Darien was sick,
Asha's already went out and we didn't have contact.
JP didn't want to go alone,
and the twins were also too tired for another night.
So we played a few card games,
challenged each other at ping pong.
Then we all hit the sack.

Darien and I couldn't afford another night at 360,
it was a real bummer but we didn't have a choice with our budget.
So we bid our farewells to our friends
and made our way to the cheapest hostel.
Turns out it was only 5 mins away from 360, via train.
So after talking to our friends at 360 over facebook
we decided to keep in touch for upcoming events.

We set up home at our new hostel.
Played a few good games of chess.
Got to know the staff, <-- MAKE SURE TO ALWAYS DO THIS.
One, because they are your hosts, common courtesy.
Two, they know the city inside and out,
they will tell you where you want to go(:
and lastly, they were hired because they are amazing people.
Friendly, Fun, and all around good people.
This hostel we scored, well we got lucky.
Really lucky.
It's a new hostel trying to get it's buisness started.
It's super nice too.
So we get to stay here for really cheap.
Honstely this hostel deserves way more than its making us pay for.
Tailor's Hostel.
Make sure to stop by if you ever stop in Barcelona(:

Finally wrapping up this long post.
I apologize for any time consuming awesomeness from this post.
So we hung out with our friends from 360.
Apparently there are festivals going on here in BCN.
So we got to see a lot of DJ's and Dances.
It was most people's last night.
So we all had tons of fun just going from one festival to the next.
But with Darien & I's tight budget we had to leave early.
However, most of them all want us to visit them.
They seemed pretty adiment about it.
They even offered us a place to sleep if we did.
So we couldn´'t say no!
So come November, we shall visit our friends we make on the way(:

I might be posting more often now
due to much awesomeness arising on our adventure.
I have this option in my settings to see
where in the world people are reading this,
and man. I am so happy to see all these people reading my blog!

To end,
Here are two pictures of the delicous candies they have at the BCN market.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Europe & Going... Our last week in Ireland!

Did I forget to mention previously that we tried walking there?
Yeah that was a terrible idea.
However once I got there I was sick ;(
I was sick for a good amount of days when we were there...
So most of our time in Cork was spent
sleeping, eating, or watching Naruto..
Darien actually reads, he does enjoy reading everyone!

Regardless of our lame adventures in Cork,
we managed to make a lot of friends at the hostel!
The first were two from Denmark.
Amuse (Mouse) & Tanja (Pronounced like Tanya)
We played cards a lot,
Darien & I have been this whole trip,
I of course showed my great magic trick, which failed...
However cards have been a great investment for the trip.
A eased path for bringing in new friends.

After Mouse and Tanja left we became losers.
Don´t judge us! 
This trip has been exhausting and I was sick!
One of the days I was feeling better
we did go visit a museum...
It was interesting.. 
European art loves the human body. 

Hopefully you don´t see anything unappealing.
The museum wasn´t anything extraordinary.
It was free after all so we couldn´t have asked for much.

Later on,
Cork had this amazing farmers market,
Sadly I didn´t take pictures but it was beautiful!
We bought some delicous mushrooms & onions
to add to our typical pasta dinner.
Our dinners always involve pasta,
but we are becoming experts at making delicous food!
Cheap budget means having to cook.
All the hostel guests be jealous.
Just kidding... kind of.

That night we made friends and went out.
It wasn´t too great.
I didn´t drink much because I was sick.
Plus the people we went with were meh.
I guess we ditched the first,
and the second we followed to a 21+ bar.
Obviously we couldn´t get in so we walked back home.

However it wasn´t terrible because
in the end Darien and I got to have an awesome talk.
We talk about random stuff.
Making up philosophies and
finding answers to challenging questions.
So that was fun.
Didn´t sleep well that night but it ended great.

The next day we decided to get up.
We walked around Cork and experienced it.
Our rule is we can´t stay in a city we don´t explore.
So we walked around and saw the sights!

Below is the decieving clock tower.
It lies!
The time it gives you is always wrong!
Beautiful church though, we had the option
to ring the bells for €4 but our cheap budets said otherwise.

Haha... This is the old prison.
After it became a radio station,
Then a museum.
Amazing place but it was €7 to get in.
The reason I find this funny is because
we asked to go to the gift shop.
bought a few post cards and made our way for the other door.
Totally snuck in.
We got to see the prison cells
and then.. BAM caugh red handed in a prison cell.
We got in trouble and were kicked out of prison.
Ironic, no? 

You must understand graffiti is everywhere.
Not just Ireland but all over Europe!
And they seem to have talented artist who love mario.
So I took this one and the one below it was from Dublin.

But yes Cork is beautiful.
This day I felt much better too.
Our last day.
That night we stayed up and made german friends.
Played cards, i´m telling you cards equal friends!
My magic trick is failing.
More people are figuring it out.
But the card games continue to keep up the slack.

Afterwards Darien and I caught up on our vices.
I catch up on the Naruto series,
while Darien reads his pendragon books.
We didn´t stay up since we had to check out early.

The next day we were off to Cork Airport.
So we packed up and were on our way!
Funny enough we said goodbye to our german friends,
they left earlier than us.
But later at the bus station we found that we
were riding together! So it was nice.

Once we got to the airport we had to put all liqud/sharp objects
in my bag since it would be our check bag.
and also somehow figure out how to turn Darien´s bag into a check bag...
it wasn´t easy. But we managed!
We made it through security and did fine.
This is us taking our plane.
Apparently you get on the plane outside.
It was weird but exciting.

Our flight was a little sketch.
But we couldn´t expect much for a €7 ticket.
Yes, €7 which is about $10.
It was with Ryan Air too and they aren´t terrible,
but nothing special either.
Later to come, SPAIN! 
I believe I´ll post on Sunday.

This hostel has computers so it´s amazing!
I can actually make my posts look somewhat better ^_^


Day 13-17 (Europe and Going... in Ireland!)

The rotting disturbed germ filled hostel of death.
We didn't want to stay here for the weekend,
But due to prices raising on weekends
our last hostel, Barnacle, is out of our budget.
We got Jordan and Rose to join us though!

That hostel was deceiving,
It isn't the nice gray house.
It's the building behind it.

The bunk beds, 
which I should've taken a picture of to show you.
Looked as if someone stacked them.
So it was just one bed above another.
As if at any moment in time the bed 
would fall onto the other.
It wasn't a comforting sight to know we'd have to sleep on them.
However Darien and I took the only decent
beds left, they were actual bunk beds.
So we would sleep safe and sound.

We made friends fairly quick,
And looking back they made the hostel
worthwhile to stay at. 
They were from Ireland but stayed in Galway
for the weekend for fun.
We ended up all hanging out that night,
Started with an enjoyable dinner,
To playing card games, then they 
brought out plenty of alcohol.
So card games turned into drinking games
and then we ended up at a club.
Funniest night we've had in Ireland.

This is terrible but I don't remember 
how that last picture happened.
I know for a fact it wasn't a strip club!
But apparently I made lots of friends that night.
Waking up was confusing.
But yeah apparently I didn't puke,
Nor did I have anything missing,
and my body and health was in good condition.
I remember having a blast though.

We ended up sleeping most the day after,
Than after we got up we went shopping.
We our slowly becoming great cooks,
Not exactly by choice, but by budget.
Lots and lots of pasta.
Bread is good too(:

I may have posted this on a previous post,
But this was the night we cooked this.
I remember because we ended up drinking, 
that night, again, was a party night.
Anyways I was upset cuz I spilled my 
shot of Jäger in my pasta..
I found I really like jäger!
So it wasn't terrible.

After eating our night was our last hoo-raw.

We were much more sober this night.
Mainly cuz we ate so much before hand.
And this night was less fun,
So Darien and I left early.
Now I say we were sober because we were.
But once I headed back home,
It all caught up to me.
So Darien remembers more than I.
But apparently we went back to Nimmos,
And we met an old roomie from barnacle
on the way back.
Then we talked to some older Austrian ladies,
And apparently I didn't like them.
But I ended up going to bed while Darien stayed up.

The day after was interesting because 
everyone had a drunk night and we all 
had our own hangover movie act from last night.
So we all had to piece together our stories
because one girl was missing.
These two girls were a little crazy though.
So it wasn't surprising one went missing.
She showed up around 4pm though after.
Apparently she slept in an abandoned building,
because the two crazy girls drank like 
crazy and walked all around town.

Another funny story, Rose got a job at 
Nimmos and so she spent the whole day
cleaning up the after mess of everyone.
She HATED it. No wonder too.
She quit her first day.
Which she shouldn't have even taken it.
She cleaned up puke, washed dirty sheets,
Dealt with random hairs, and worse.
Only got paid €40 for 15 hours of work.
Poor girl.

We quickly made our way back to Barnacle after that.

It was nice hanging with Jordan and Rose,
We became really good friends.
We all balanced each other out.
At Barnacle we all played cards and 
hung out around the town before 
Darien & I had to leave for Cork. 
I'm going to miss those two.
And we plan to hit Galway again before 
we head back home(: 
Galway was our home for Ireland.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Day 12 (Europe & Going... in Ireland!)

Did I ever mention how we don't need alarm clocks?
Well Darien might but I don't.
Everyone gets up and I'm a light sleeper.
Although because I went to bed late I wasn't happy I woke up.
Apparently someone put there stuff in my locker,
Lockers are under beds they roll out.
And so I had to get up out of bed 
so this girl could pull out her stuff.
It sucked, but I'm not sure I would have 
gotten up for breakfast had I not been 
forced out of bed(; 

We got to see Jordan for breakfast,
The girl we played card games with last night,
But Duncan & Rose weren't there.
They both were off doing there own thing.
Toast with tea seems to be a continental breakfast.
I thought European breakfasts were much bigger..
Doesn't change the fact that I'm very grateful for it!
Our day was unplanned so it started off slow.
Jordan didn't want to look for apartments that day 
so we decided to go to the Cliffs of Moher.
As we made our way out we saw 
Duncan on his bike coming in.
We invited him to come but Duncan explained that 
there was no way we'd walk there o_O

Apparently it's a 40 minute bike ride..
Walking would take forever! 
So we got the front desk to inform us 
of something to do.
We made plans to go to the beach(:
As we made our way there we found
a nice park to play at.
It was a giant grass field,
which honestly was everywhere so it 
wasn't any more spectacular than the 
next few hundred feet.
But we got caught up in a break.

Darien and I were wanting to do hands up stands up.
Apparently Jordan never knew how!
So we spent a good few hours at the park 
doing gymnastics and other silly park activities.

Like so...

The place was a blast!
It was nice having a fun play day.
We got pretty tired so we didn't end up going to the beach.


We did get the good ol' barnacle gang,
Wow I like that term.. Barnacle Gang.
Barnacle is our hostel if I failed to mention that.
And we played card games!

Alright so this had to have been thee weirdest
thing I've experienced yet.
A scout group came in to our hostel!
They were staying here! 
It's weird because here are a bunch of college aged kids,
in a party city I must add, 
Drinking alcohol and a scout group comes in..
Also this scout group kicked us off our table.
Now I grew up a scout and I understand 
if you need somewhere to sit and all,
But man.... 
We were so into our card game! 

We made due, and sat on the floor .__.
Safe to say we didn't play long after that.
So went to gather in the lounge.
Met a few more cool people,
they showed us more card games.
Then we went out into the city! 

Galway is for sure the biggest party town.
You see student aged kids everywhere!
Another great thing is we get in most club/pubs free!
With our tight budget we didn't buy 
alcohol but we didn't really need it.
People buy you shots left and right,
But knowing our situation, we played it safe.

Awesome Irish music!(;

We can only stay there so long before they get boring.
So we ended up calling it a night early.
Talked a bit to our friends in the lounge,
and now we are off to bed!

Due to shortage of time to write these, 
and boring post updates to speed up,
I'll only be posting weekly! 
Gotta keep the posts more exciting!

Family. Friends.
I Love and miss you all dearly!

Fellow readers!
I appreciate you're time!


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 11 (Europe & Going... in Ireland!)

We woke up and we were exhausted.
It's really a wonder why hostels have breakfast so early!!
I'd like to think they do it so we 
remember to enjoy the real beauty of the 
country we came to see.
But sometimes I think I'd be happier 
sleeping my days away. 
However we are mooches in Europe.
So even though the timing is absurd,
We got up for our free continental "breakfast",
Containing a couple slices of toast and jam.
Living the high life right?

Because of my booking mistake
We had to check out and back in to our reservation.
Going from the clown maze hallways 
to find our next room.
After finding it we saw someone had their 
stuff on our beds! Oh no they didn't!
We didn't honestly care.
We just went to the kitchen to make
something to be proud of eating.
Which I lied...
That last post,
Was me trying to catch up.
So that dinner you saw before,
Yeah that was the dinner we had tonight.

Deja vu? 

Like I said it was amazing.
Mainly cuz we cooked it.
But yes.. Mmmm foodgasm.
We made some friends at dinner,
Jordan & Rose.
They kind of were creepily watching us
play our card game, yes Jordan I mean you. 
... I know she'll read that ...
We eventually gave into our pity 
and let them join our game.

But aside from joking, 
Those two girls are sweet hearts.
Such fun people to hang with.
We even got this guy named Duncan
down our table to join in.
My extrovert side of me can't help 
but call in good company.

We played a good few hours of
Hate & Revenge.
At least that's what we call it back home.
Duncan was informed of it as Gin Rummy.
Either way we enjoyed playing it.
All of us had a great connection.
We all got along very easily and 
just had a blast that night.

After our game, That I Won(; 
just abusing my prideful opportunity! 
I was able to show my famous magic trick!
The illusionist trick.
Now I not only impressed my new friends,
But actually got everyone's attention in the room!
I love being the entertainer/center of attention.
Anyways I showed them and everyone loved it!
There were a good 15+ people there.
I was happy to make such an impression
in front of my amazing friends and other guests.

We all settled down by relaxing and 
calling it a night right after having 
everyone want to know my trick(;
I never told a soul.
However the amount of times my friends 
watched me do it, they caught on...
But I still loved the energy we brought out.

It's amazing the fun you can have out in the real world.
I have access to the Internet a lot more than I thought,
Yet I rarely use it.
Traveling is exciting!
There is always something bigger, better,
Or more opportunities to learn!
Anyways I'm ready for bed, 
And this post is going to end funny
If I don't end soon. 

"Till next time!"

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 10 (Europe & Going)

Ah this morning sucked!
Not only did we go to bed late,
but at 7AM the fire alarm went off -_-
But didn't stop us from falling back asleep!
The fire alarm goes off all the time.
We didn't worry about a real fire.
Haha not the safest thing to do,
If there was a real fire than most of us 
in that hostel would probably get hurt.

We got up around 9:30 just in time for breakfast
We saw Steve the guitar player and 
ate breakfast with him.
Maria the Norwegian girl however didn't show.
After breakfast we packed up and checked out.
Giving our goodbyes to our good friend Steve.
We went to the post office and delivered 
post cards to our family & friends.

We didn't know how we planned on 
getting to Galway so we went back to
the hostel to use the wifi.
Good thing too, we saw Maria, the Norwegian girl! 
So we hung out a bit while Darien & I
situated our travel situation.
Steve was there too! 
So our cool group just all chilled in Isaacs Hostel.

After booking a bus,
For extremely cheap! 
So 129 Miles, we paid €5!!
That's about $6! 
Yeah pretty sure we're getting a free ride.
Yeah we parted ways with our friends,
And made our way to Galway!

The bus ride was awesome!
Seeing the inner country was epic.
Wish I took more pictures 
But I did manage to snag this one picture.

It was beautiful seeing the inner parts of Ireland.
The place is very green, and you get to see
some random castles here and there.
But we didn't really get a good view.

Once we got to the hostel I made a mistake...
I booked it for the day after.. 
Luckily there was still a room available! 
So we settled down and relaxed for the day.
You'd think we're being boring but no!
Traveing is exhausting! 
We also had late nights and were very tired.
So today our plan was to stay low,
Keep to ourselves, no making friends.
Friends means late night.
So we just kept to ourselves to bedtime.
In the process we did make an amazing dinner!

It was sooooo gooooood!
For the first time we got full.
Food definitely has gained a higher meaning 
in our lives since the beginning of our trip.

After that we played more cards
till we got tired enough to go to bed.
So now we plan on doing something tomorrow.
Don't know what but something for sure(;
G'night readers!

*Abiding by the rules of our card game*

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Day 9 (Europe & Going)

This morning we had odd experience.
We woke up to this Italian guy cooing 
& petting this girl in our room.
We thought he was her boyfriend but
once she realized what was going on
she told the guy off.
Telling him to back off because she 
didn't know him.
For a second I was pretty worried,
but she was pretty aggressive about 
making the guy stop.
It was good thing that she is able to 
handle herself in those situations.
We got up but with nothing planned.

We went downstairs for some good ol' ping pong.
We were still pretty tired from last night.
So ping pong slowly wore us out.
We made our way to the couch and 
caught up on some American TV(:
It hasn't been long but knowing we'll
be here for 4 months we are bound to 
have lazy days, and today was that day.

I was very happy with the shows we got to watch.

The Big Bang Theory 
(^We just got into it, we love that show!)
And saved the best for last...

Please feel free to give the nearest object 
near you a little drum roll. 
Because this next show is Legen...
And I hope you're not lactose intolerant 
because this next word is..

How I Met Your Mother!!! :D

For those that know me,
You'd know I'm close to being the 
biggest fan of the show.
... Biggest fan being relative(; 

It was really nice to kick back and relax.
After letting the day quickly fade,
We decided the couch potato in us has 
overstayed it's welcome.
So we went up to the lobby to play card 
games instead(;
It was great! 
We even had this musician playing music 
in the lobby and he was killer!
He had everyone in the room clapping.
He played Guitar and his name is 
Steve Lewin, look him up. 
He plays the alternative/acoustic type.
Highly recommend!

Anyways after he finished Darien & I
congratulated him on his performance.
We actually got talking more and 
ended up hanging out the rest of the night.
We grabbed a few drinks and got
back to our card games.
Got to know this Norwegian girl named
Beautiful girl. 
We got her to join in on the fun.
We were able to get to know each other
fairly well and it was all around a good time.
We started making our way throughout 
the city and it was absolute!(;

Once we got back everyone went 
straight to bed while I began a new 
nightly ritual, started a few nights ago.
Got ready for bed, 
Made my way to nearest table.
Poured myself some tea,
and recorded my events of the day.
Now that I'm finished I'm off to bed.

"Lets Fight!"
- Darien Thayne

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day 8 (Europe & Going)

Waking up sucked.
After being up all night and only getting 
little sleep it was terrible.
We went downstairs to get us some 
delicious breakfast for our starving souls.
This hostel we got lucky,
They had Raisin/Banana mix Bran.
Believe us when we say we felt spoiled.
That stuff was amazing!
After eating we packed up our stuff
and checked out of our Hostel.

I made reservations back at 
Isaacs Hostel the night before.
So we made our way there.
Once we got to Isaacs we quickly got 
back into our ping pong game.
While having wifi Wonwook Lee messaged me.
He wanted to take us out for Korean!
Him and his girlfriend, Emily.
We met around 1:30 and they were
incredible. Seriously, they were very nice.
They treated us to a Korean restaurant.
I had Bulgogi and Darien had Dagalbi.

Our dinner ^_^

This is Me, Emily, and Darien.

This is Me, Lee, & Darien

Darien and I were honored to meet such a great couple.
They were very kind hearted, good people.
It was fun swapping stories.
I know we will have to see them again 
before we head back to America.
They left quite an impression on us.
One we can never forget.
Can't wait to meet them again! 

Shortly after we headed back to the hostel.
We just relaxed and watched TV.
Found out Darien & I are quite fond of 
The Big Bang Theory. 
Hilarious show.
After watching a few of those great 
episodes we had made more friends
in the hostel, Angelo & Cloudio, they are from Italy and they are amazing chefs! 
and they made us spaghetti!  
Friends are MUST haves in foreign countries.
It's amazing how lucky we have been.
I really have a lot of gratitude for such 
great friends that we have met on our 

Sorry Mom's but this was the best spaghetti we've ever had.

After dinner Darien and I 
went for a nice walk around town.
Didn't see/do anything too interesting.
But it was nice to have a break. 
Once we came back we played ping pong.

This time a more evil way.
Loser ate jalapeños and you could only
get a 1/4 slice of bread if you won 
3 times in row. 
Terrible game. 
Darien and I were ready to puke. 
It was great...
Other than that our day ended pretty boring.
I think we're going to pass out soon.
So till tomorrow! 

Day 7 (Europe & Going)

Come 2AM still updating everything
I quickly knocked out myself.
We had this hostel reserved for two 
nights so we got to sleep in the first day!
We had the option to wake up for breakfast,
But neither Darien nor I woke up for it.
We got up around noon.
Plenty of sleep for the both of us(:
No one was in our room,
So we still had the room to ourselves!
So being able to get a shower when I 
wanted was nice!(:
We had two showers in our own room.
This day we were set on going to the park!

We took the dart to get there.
With a quick stop to a thrift shop,
had to get jackets! 
The weathers been getting cool.
Once we got to the park...
The place was BEAUTIFUL! 

I love this picture below.
I shot it from the ground.
If you look closely you'll see a mom 
and her son playing in the grass(:

This pillar was in the front of the park. \/

Darien wanted to make it look like a hat,
Although it doesn't,
 it still holds as a great photo! \/

Front view(; thing was huge!

Chose your beauty! Rocky or greens?

A cute pavilion with a family up front.

We didn't go in but we got a sneak peek(;

It's insane, we only saw a portion of it!
But yet it was the most beautiful park!
So well maintained! 
You can just tell the great adventures we 
had just by the pictures!

After the park we headed back home.
We met Henndrick our new roomie!
He is from Germany, 
and speaks English very well! 
Very nice guy.
We played cards for a short while,
Then we had separate plans for the night.
We made use of our cheap ramen and ate.
And he went out to the bar with a girl(;

Now this morning, I forgot to mention,
We met a guy named Lucas.
He was the hostel cleaning guy.
After getting to know him he invited us
To his party he was hosting in the lounge.
So anyways he saw us in the kitchen and 
reminded us of food and drink he had 
out on the patio.
So we came and hung out with them.
It was a bit crowded where he was so 
Darien and I sat by some lovely ladies!

Getting ourselves out there socially was hard,
Everyone in our hostel was mainly from Spain.
So language barrier really came into place.
However their English was pretty well!
So we made some friends.

After a few drinks and food 
we were off into the city nightlife! 
It was a blast!
We got into a Irish pub for free,
They played perfect music,
The Killers, Blink 182, Green Day, Metallica, Guns N' Roses.
All I needed.
But yeah mainly rock(: 
We danced and had tons of fun.

Just a few of the girls we met \/

Marta & Nola were the girls we were
hanging out with the most.
Very sweet girls.
We had tons of fun dancing, teaching them the cup song, and when we left... 
We got the Spanish kiss on each cheek
from the both of em'!

It was a good night. 
Once we got home, we found two more roomies.
Everyone was asleep so we will wait till 
tomorrow to meet them.
Till next time!

... This guy is caught up.
Woot woot!