Saturday, April 2, 2011

Exclamation points

So I realized whenever I use these --> !!! They look like the letter L...

Makes me sad... I should fix it but i'm lazy. Very Lazy. Also My last

poast said the places i'll/you'll go way to much.. sorry to burden you 

with those words. I also realized I spelled "post" wrong in this poast.

But once agian. Laziness. If you ask any of my good friends they will

most likely say i'm a lazy person... True but lets just skip the part of

you (<-- Agreeing? is that right?) with me... Cuz I know 

its true and telling me would only bring me down. I'm a sensitive child

as well.. ish... I also write alot. Alot of boring stuff.. If you have read 

this far i'm proud of you! Gold star sticker on your forehead for you!
 Your probably a loser like he is for reading this much. Nah I kid,
 your not a !oser.

haha I used an exclamation point for the loser word instead of an "L"!(<-- that is an exclamation point) Tricked you huh!

It really looks like an "L"(Eye-I, ELL-l, Exlamation point-!)... Point proven... So yeah I have alot to say today if you couldn't tell.

I really do give you props for reading my simple yet boring life as a child.

Anyways back to that picture. He looks like he is going to try and pop a zit does he not?

It's already a turn off that he has nerdy glasses (you get what I mean i'm not checking him out) but to add the fingers pinching in on eachother?

why couldn't he just use one finger? Was two really neccesary?

Gosh darn this stupid blog. I can't spell anything. I'm sure I spelled neccesary wrong.

Anyways. Your probably getting bored and want another prize for reading this far...

Here you go you selfish jerk... (always has to have something in it for you)

Happy now? You got a little girl giving you a big prize.


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