Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Overly Attached Roomie

Where have the days gone. 
One minute I was in Europe with just a backpack to my name,
and now I'm back to where I started. 
It's crazy having such an immense experience behind me.

The next step in my life I've taken was moving out of the house.
My friend, Priamo, and I moved out to Provo, and
we share a house with 4 other room mates just outside of BYU boundaries.

The place is great! 
Problem is, our room has no privacy, our room mates constantly walk through it. 
Due to the laundry room being inside it, (The place is under construction)
The best we could do is put up a king sized sheet to separate the open walls. 

However this isn't the only problem.
Most room mates I've rarely seen doing the laundry, we need a mom.
The main problem is one of our room mates treats our bedroom like a family room.
He constantly invites himself in, stands in front of the TV,
and takes part with whatever we are doing.
Now I wouldn't mind if I wanted to hang, or if we invited him in.
But no, everyday, walking in and making himself comfortable.
And the hints we give, which are beyond subtle, haven't had much of an affect.
We've lost our heads and we will soon have to come out and tell him, we're uncomfortable. 


To be fair this place has been great.
Privacy has been the only struggle. 
(Nope cleaning is a major problem too -_-)

On a more positive note, we've been  bulking up!
We've invested in a gym membership and are actively putting it to good use(:
It's been three weeks and we are slowly seeing results. 
The motivation has been the hardest work-out.
We went from every day to becoming too sore for the next.
We've learned to take it slow, but are working on raising the bar.
No goal left unfinished(:

(More like Go Hard or Go Home.. to our clingy roommate)

Haha that picture killed me.
Sadly that's how much Priamo and I lift at the gym.
Plus the extrinsic motivation was very much needed.

Till next ti... who am I kidding see you the next blue moon!
It could still come next week!
So stay positive :D