Thursday, October 27, 2011

Coming To Terms With The Person Inside.

It's funny how lessons come across in our lives. Some subtle & some will smack you in the face. But no matter what, it will keep trying to present the answer to you until it finally clicks. These lessons we learn have patience. Because deep down these lessons know that you will learn from them. I myself just got smacked. But the great thing about it is that it felt good after figuring out what it is the lesson was trying to get across-ed. I'm about to open up to the world and be myself because accepting yourself for who you are and what you do is one of the best things you'll ever learn. 

I'm Asian, 
I am a attention seeker (but it doesn't have to be a bad thing), 
I am a sucker for romance,
I was never a big chocolate fan,
My Favorite color is blue,
I love to cuddle whether it be with boy/girl/ or even dog,
I love to talk and try to be charismatic,
I love to inspire people,
I feel the need to get everyone to love me,
I also hate being hated (something I should work on here soon),
I love to read/hear inspirational blogs, posts, people, posts,
I am LDS, and will always be strong towards the church,
I know who I am, and I know I have friends who support me.
But the real thing I was trying to get across-ed is

No I am not any different because of this label.
and am not flamboyant either. I am Cody. 
I'm slowly placing myself in this world and it feels better then ever.
I was always sick of waiting for someone to take the plate.
I went through "HELL" trying to accept myself. 
Waiting for someone who was going through my same problems 
to stand up and just say, I know what your going through.
And to tell me...
Sadly that person never came in my life.
But I wont let some kid hurt themselves nor go through hell waiting.
So here I am. Publicly coming out for the first time on Blogger. 
I'm shaking as if I am having a seizure.
But the great thing about that is...
I only do that when I finally accept things that I was never comfortable with. 

Friends. Family. & Anyone else reading this blog.
Thank you.   


  1. CODY!! I LOVE YOU!!! every single thing about you!!!! I'm proud of who you are!!! And no matter what you are one of my best friends!!! and of course my 84 year old boyfriend!!! LOVE YOU!!!

  2. Cody, YOU are a sweetheart :) I love you, and don't ever forget that! Please take the very best of yourself, and you always know you can come to me for anything.

  3. I commented the other day, and now it's gone. /: I love you lots, my friend! (: I shall be here if needed... As always. (: