Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 10

What I wore today

3 Bracelets (2 from india then a team taylor for a kid with cancer)
2 Necklaces (One from a kid from India and money from india)
Bright Blue Sweater
Boxer Briefs
Baggy Pants
Black Socks
and my pair of Etnies

Kinda weird but yeah thats what I wore :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 9

My Beliefs
So yeah i'm way behind on this challenge
so it comes and goes as it pleases from now on ;)

I believe myself.
I think I have the power to do
anything I want in this world and
I will go through anything to make sure it happens

I believe in the Gospel.
I believe in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

I believe in others.
Anyone.. Everyone is capable to do
anything they want.

I believe in the Secret!
If you dont know what it is
look it up. Its literally called "The Secret"
There is also a sequal called "The Power"
which is also amazing.

I believe that I will go far in life
no matter what complications get in the way.

and that concludes my beliefs for today...

Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 8

A Moment...
Doesn't get better then this

Day 7

My Best Friend!

So I couldn't find a better picture then this :P
Jordan... She IS AMAZING!

We were just good friends before the trip to India but
after that trip we became BEST BUDS!
She is someone that knows me more then anybody else
I became so close with her.
We are just super tight buds! Nothing more Nothing less.
We always have good times and me and her and a few other ymad buds
are planning on going right back to india here soon so here I come!

Day 6

Okay this counts for last saturday. Because I need to catch up!

I woke up my friend slept over.
I just opened the blinds and took a shower (My Friend was still asleep :P)
Then Still my friend was not awake.
So I went upstairs and said hello to my family.
Then they left to my sisters soccer game.
So I made breakfast to wake my friend up.
I had started and went down stairs into the guest room and said...
He jumped. But woke up and came up for some.
He is a good friend so I didn't care that I woke him up.
We ate breakfast then went downstairs and watched Super Troopers!
Then played some good ol' Mario on the super nintendo.
Then we went to the University Mall.
We chilled there for a while then went to my friend Jordans house.
Jordan got in the car and asked us to go back to the mall,
 so she can get her mom a spa card for mothers day.
So we went back. It wasn't bad since she lived by it.
Then we chilled there and played the ditching game. I got ditched by Jordan and Cobabe.
Then I found my Friend Mckell and we found Jordan and Cobabe.
Then we went to the Chocolate and got Cazookies :D they were yummy!
Then others from YMAD came to the Chocolate and we then headed back to Jordans.
We made a bonfire and just talked about how much we missed India.
Had some great conversations. Stayed there till 11:45PM
Then everyone went home. Cobabe took me home and I left my iPod in his car :(
So we made plans to hang out agian this week.
We are going to his MORP on Friday. It's Guys choice? Weird...
Then I walked in my home and went STRAIGHT TO BED.

Probably boring to read, but if you were there
 you woulda known it was a blast!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 5

My definition of love is this...

Love is being grateful for what you have.
Gratitude is love.
It is everything you are thankful for.
Everything that makes you happy 
and show gratitude for is love.

Day 4

What I ate today was really
supposed to be for yesterday but
i'm just going to do today cuz I forgot
what I ate yesterday :P

1. Bread Roll (Breakfast)

2. Extra Spearmint Gum Piece

3. Apple Jacks

Thats all haha its only 11:34 AM okay!
I'm not anorexic :P

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 3

My Parents
Yeah I couldnt find one of just me and my parents so
here they are :D

I love them so much they are amazing parents.
They are so loving and they are funny... sometimes ;)

I dont know what else to say other then they are awesome!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 2

My First Love...
My Childhood.

Playing tag in the summer in a giant park.
Having the imagination of playing the lava game.
Being so care free and laid back.
The time when life was full of color and wonder.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 1

This is me. :D

I went to India and it has become been a part of me...

I am a world traveller :D
(Korea, Singapore, India, West Coast of USA)

I'm still trying to figure out who I am
so I try to figure it out.

But for the most part I am a happy
positive person and love life :D

30 DAYS!

I'm such a follower to these things... but who cares, it seems like fun!!
dont have alot of time to write but I just got back from India... Will explain later ;)

day 01 – introduce yourself with pictures and words
day 02 – your first love

day 03 – your parents

day 04 – what you ate today 

day 05 – your definition of love

day 06 – your day
day 07 – your best friend

day 08 – a moment

day 09 – your beliefs
day 10 – what you wore today 

day 11 – your siblings

day 12 – what’s in your bag

day 13 – this week
day 14 – what you wore today
day 15 – your dreams
day 16 – your first kiss
day 17 – your favorite memory

day 18 – your favorite birthday
day 19 – something you regret

day 20 – this month

day 21 – another moment

day 22 – something that upsets you
day 23 – something that makes you feel better

day 24 – something that makes you cry
day 25 – a first
day 26 – your fears
day 27 – your favorite place

day 28 – something that you miss

day 29 – your aspirations

day 30 – one last moment