Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Transition: Unrestricted World Traveler to Struggling Mundane Workaholic

 I've recently started living life out on my own, before I was living with my mom and sister. I've been trying to learn how to manage my life more responsibly, however it has been a rather difficult task for me. I've always been an independent guy, more or less, and I thought I could take on the world... But it has been quite the struggle taking on so much responsibility. I didn't really put myself out to a great start with my car loans and the trip out to Europe, not that I regret it. ;) 

The pressure of living up to the 20 year old expectations have been daunting. To prevent the stigma society has brought on for the young adults, we have been provided with the following options. (based on Utah views)
  1. Prepare for a LDS mission, an LDS mission is highly favored within the Mormon religion. 
  2. Attend College (preferably a University) with grad school in hindsight. 
  3. Join within the Armed Forces, to keep our country strong and proud. 
Now there is plenty more rare occurrences such as becoming a millionaire with some breakthrough business idea, or you could be a born prodigy. Sadly some of us find ourselves not following any of the chosen paths, and stuck within a mundane routine. That is where I am.

My life has become routine.
 I mean ever since my backpacking trip through Europe, my life has become rather dreary. But the routine is what bothers me the most. Quickly trying to make up for the time I spent saving up for my travels, which honestly was more time than I needed. 

Quickly getting myself into a 9-5 job saving up money for a life I'm not even sure I want to live. I think that's what makes those expectations so daunting. Not knowing the future is scary, but not knowing if it's a future you want to aim for is even worse. We're young and in our prime, and yes this is the most important time of our lives, because it's now that we begin define ourselves.
The fear has begun.

 It's never easy realizing that the pressure begins to weigh on you. Growing up we never realized how easy we had it. Anxiety begins to kick in and fear strikes with it's sharp sword. It doesn't help when you begin to realize how much responsibility you are faced with such as friendships ending, bills, homework, rent, groceries, health, the list could keep going but I'm sure you get the point.

Rocky Balboa couldn't have said it any better,
 "Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place, and I don’t care how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life..."
Life is tough, and we find ourselves stuck in deep ruts. Not always living up to who you wanted to be. However, life happens. We miss the curve balls thrown in our direction. Failing once, Failing twice, Failing thrice (it's a word google it!). But let me give the floor to Rocky to finish what should be said,
"...But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done! Now, if you know what you’re worth, then go out and get what you’re worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hits, and not pointing fingers saying you ain’t where you wanna be because of him, or her, or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain’t you. You’re better than that!"
Look nobody has a manual to how to live life the right way. The choices placed by society are mere suggestion. So keep your head up, lift your feet off the ground, and lastly... 

...remember where you've been!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Overly Attached Roomie

Where have the days gone. 
One minute I was in Europe with just a backpack to my name,
and now I'm back to where I started. 
It's crazy having such an immense experience behind me.

The next step in my life I've taken was moving out of the house.
My friend, Priamo, and I moved out to Provo, and
we share a house with 4 other room mates just outside of BYU boundaries.

The place is great! 
Problem is, our room has no privacy, our room mates constantly walk through it. 
Due to the laundry room being inside it, (The place is under construction)
The best we could do is put up a king sized sheet to separate the open walls. 

However this isn't the only problem.
Most room mates I've rarely seen doing the laundry, we need a mom.
The main problem is one of our room mates treats our bedroom like a family room.
He constantly invites himself in, stands in front of the TV,
and takes part with whatever we are doing.
Now I wouldn't mind if I wanted to hang, or if we invited him in.
But no, everyday, walking in and making himself comfortable.
And the hints we give, which are beyond subtle, haven't had much of an affect.
We've lost our heads and we will soon have to come out and tell him, we're uncomfortable. 


To be fair this place has been great.
Privacy has been the only struggle. 
(Nope cleaning is a major problem too -_-)

On a more positive note, we've been  bulking up!
We've invested in a gym membership and are actively putting it to good use(:
It's been three weeks and we are slowly seeing results. 
The motivation has been the hardest work-out.
We went from every day to becoming too sore for the next.
We've learned to take it slow, but are working on raising the bar.
No goal left unfinished(:

(More like Go Hard or Go Home.. to our clingy roommate)

Haha that picture killed me.
Sadly that's how much Priamo and I lift at the gym.
Plus the extrinsic motivation was very much needed.

Till next ti... who am I kidding see you the next blue moon!
It could still come next week!
So stay positive :D

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Europe till the end

Alright, Alright.
I know I'm so behind and have disappointed many.
However now that I'm home I will write more often!
(My integrity might skew your opinion on that statement) 
So for those still interested THIS BLOG POST WILL BE AWESOME!


This place was by far an adventure!
(Our train ride there however was more of a pain.
As are most of our train rides.)
We stayed in X Hostel and at first we didn't favor it.
But the staff along with the people staying there were amazing.
I went out our first night there,
apparently they have these things called Sparties.
Budapest is well known for their spas and pools,
so they often hold parties, clubs, and events in them.
I won't deny I had more fun than expected,
however they are filthy, full of beer and horny teens.
Luckily they had more hidden pools 
where less beer and "make-out kids" would be.
It was a good experience mainly due to the fact 
that I met most of our good friends from this.
After that night Budapest became our new favorite city.
The food was cheap, and they city was always offering something fun to do.
We discovered this amazing food called Kebab's.
They weren't the same as American Kebabs 
where you put finger foods on sticks, no those are lame.
These were godly & super cheap!
We ate those nearly every day and yet we had no money.
Next up the coolest things they had in Budapest, The Mind Games.
We went to a place called Exit Point and what you do is
they lock you in a room and you have to find clues to get out.
They give you an hour and well we made a mistake.
Our Exit Point group -- Dennis, Alexander, Darien, Andolie, and Myself
The mistake was everyone in the group above
(except Andolie and Alexander)
had drank before hand...
So that game became a bigger challenge.
It was hard! Now I say this for my drunk self,
but we honestly could not figure anything out.
We had the lady in charge constantly give us all the hint cards!
And sadly we were only one step away from getting out before time ran out...
But we were easily able to get over our loss,
the bar right outside helped quite a lot.
(Mustn't forget our Tarzan game "Oh Jane")
And lastly I'd like to end our Budapest update with
The Karaoke Bar & The Cat Cafe.
First off the Karaoke bar was AWESOME!
We got free 3 beers for going in,
plus Darien was sick so I got 6!
We sung and danced and enjoyed drinking the winners champagne.
And after all that we were lead to this disgusting cafe.
Disgusting but interesting.
It had 16 cats walking around and tons of kitty toys everywhere.
Apparently you just order coffee or tea and pet cats.
But seemed to be enjoyed by many.
So shortly after that we made our way out of Budapest with a heart breaking goodbye.
We were loved by the city and it's travelers we met!
I Definitely want to come back here again!

Berlin & Paris
Worst Idea EVER!
So Berlin seemed to be the "must go" place of Europe.
Now I'm not saying that you shouldn't go there,
but Darien and I seemed to be less entertained by this city.
I mean it was nice, I did go out and see a lot of the city.
However there wasn't that many parties,
Darien was sick the whole time,
and we forgot to book our hostel for our entire trip there,
so we stayed in a nice one for a few days then
ended up staying in a shitty serviced one.
However with all the luck we've had the entire trip I wasn't surprised
that we had one city that things didn't really go perfectly.
The little things that made Berlin semi-cool were,
Our first hostel The Cat's Pajama's.
The Christmas Market.
The Alternative Tour.
Breaking and Entering the abandoned Spree Park.
And our room mate Lochi. (Like Loki)
Other than that I'd rather not go into how lame our trip was there.
So that was Berlin for us... Yeah.

Then we made our train ride back to Paris to catch our flight to Ireland.
Now I wasn't as excited to be back in Paris because everything was expensive.
I mainly stayed in the hostel and became a complete bum.
The worst part was they didn't even have a kitchen here!
So Darien and I had to improvise back to our first week in Europe.
Cold beans and bread.
Let's just say Paris wasn't any better than Berlin.
Well the second time around.
First time it was epic.
We didn't stay in Paris long due to the fact we used it as a place
to stay till our plane left for Ireland.
Which speaking of Ireland...


Awh Yeah.
Landing here was like a kid in a candy store for us.
We were so happy to be back.
Plus remembering how stupid we used to be from the beginning
 made us feel better knowing that our past was long behind us.
We didn't stay in Dublin once we got there though.
We took a bus straight to Galway to stay with our friends we made at the beginning.
Jordan & Rose!
We had a blast for our last nights there with these girls.
We missed them so much and it was just nice seeing them.
We played tons of card games the first few nights,
then on the weekend we drank and went out!
Well everyone but Darien.
Darien went out with his bang by getting hammered!
Which wasn't hard because of the fact that
we made Candy Cane Vodka and it was DELICIOUS!
It was hilarious, Darien never had been so drunk!
We went out and I forgot my ID and Darien kept getting denied in.
So I took Darien back home, grabbed my wallet and went back out to find the girls.
It was awesome.
The girls paid my way in and we danced all night.
Once the club closed we went out for food.
Best food ever. Chinese.
After that we headed home to find Darien half way off the couch.
We were all too tired to clean up so we just knocked out.
The next morning however...
The place was a mess, no dirtier than we left it but still
it was going to take hours to clean.
The girls and us went out for a hangover breakfast and they headed off to work
while we headed home to clean up the mess.
We found out later that Darien had a puking session in the bathroom.
Darien denies this to be true from his memory,
but the evidence was puke in the bathtub and beans.
Which no one ate beans but him in Ireland.
But held proof that it was a good night.
The next night we kicked back and played cards 
since Darien and I had to get up early for our flight home.
It was sad to leave but we were happy to finally be heading home.

This was such an eye opening opportunity with so many amazing experiences. 
We didn't think it would last as long as it did.
Four Months before hand seemed to be so short,
but by the time it was over we look back and think that was long enough.
We learned so much and became so close.
I never imagined how important a trip like this would be.
It wasn't only just about having fun or escaping the life we onced lived.
It was definitive moment in our lives of building character.
I am forever in the gratitude of my family and my cousin.
This trip wouldn't have lasted if they weren't there supporting me.
I won't forget this experience.
And I hope those who read this will experience some opportunity like this.
Now here we are at the the end of my trip but not my journey
we're still facing the beginning(:

So let this be known.
the world is big and we have a lot to grow from.

(I apologize for not pictures in this post. My phone that I have the pics with is no longer in service)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Europe & Going in Prague!

Simply put, it's cheap!
This was meant to be our escape,
our relax, chill, nothing to do just read a book and sleep.
However this hostel (Hostel One) changed our plans.
We met some amazing people here.
(Kathrine, Joe, Nick, Chelsea, Jess, Tristan, and Jason)

We ended up drinking a lot here.
(Sorry Ma and Pa)
 It's been a blast though.
So many great experiences.
We walked all over town saw some great sights,
we enjoyed the food and especially the beer.
Seems everyday has been a new adventure.

We were able to see the John Lennon Wall,
it's a wall where they wrote quotes by John Lennon on it,
but the government kept erasing them.
So it was a battle between society and the government
where they constantly kept going back and forth on it,
until someone bought it and let people draw on it as they please.

(We were lucky enought to join the fun!)

(An awesome street band we saw on the way!)

Our first adventure was up to the Prague Castle,
We brought the hostel crew and walked all day.
Seriously it was such a long walk.
(Plus it was freezing cold) 
Darien, as always, was just wearing shorts.
Everyone keeps calling him out on being a mad man,
However he really only complains about his hands.
Once we got there though it was pretty nice.
the churches all seem to blend in with eachother in Europe.
What really made our experience though,
was the people we were with.
Most of the good times come from the people you meet.

(This is the Church / Castle)

After that we ended up going to Starbucks.
It's terrible seeing so many corporate companies here,
you get a better feel ordering coffee from a small town shop.
We travel to see new things, not the same places!
Anyways we ordered some coffee and man oh man.
We were walking over to a table and these ladies had their
coats on a chair that was sticking out a bit,
and well Darien accidentally knocked it over and spilt coffee on them.
The glare we got from everyone in the room was priceless.
I honestly felt like I was back in the states.
Luckily we had tons of good friends in the room to lighten up the mood. 

Our greatest adventure was the Bone Museum.
This place was sick,
(in the throw up / it's creepy way)
So many bones just stacked into some sculpture freaks me out.
It's both demoralizing and nasty.
However it was interesting to see none the less.
It was crazy though, we got to see 3 churches / museums
for around 5 DOLLARS!

(creepy lady be preparing her victims for the next bone project...)

(Chandeliers of HEADS hanging over our heads)

(Honestly like this is F'd up) 

After the Bone Chapel, we went to see the other churches.
This specific one blew the rest out of the water!

 (The BEAUTIFUL Church)

(the inside looking all high class and what not)

(This guy is totally a Jedi)
(or a Lord of the Rings character) 

(Darien and Jess... Crazy fools)

(Ceilings be like look at me, now look at yours.. that awe/awh moment)

Most of our time was well spent at night.
We played a lot of fun drinking games.
Plus we got to see so many people do the funniest things.
(Oh the memories that will forever be kept)
The clubs and pubs were way too fun.
Lots of smoking goes on here which is terrible,
but you usually don't notice with the amount of fun you have.
So that was our week in Prague!
Stay Excellent!

(Joe, Katherine, Jess)

(Retro Music Hall)

(View from up top)


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Europartying in Austria!

The Train Ride.
We were beyond tired,
6AM isn't exactly the easiest time for Darien and I to get up.
We should have woken up earlier,
or gone to bed earlier, that would've been wise.
Our train was set to leave at 6:36AM, 
So we decided waking up at 6AM was fine.
After all its only like a 10 min walk away.
We still managed to make our train!
However in the process,
Darien ended up losing a pair of gloves.
(Just his luck right, he happens to lose everything!)
This wasn't entirely his fault though.
The family moved them but we couldn't figure out where.
Darien wasn't happy after he was unable to find them.
C'est La Vie.

The Train ride was nothing special.
Boring, Long, and Tiring as it always has been.
however the anticipation for our destination fueled 
our optimism for our journey there.
We were able to see a lot of Switzerland.
It was beautiful.
Mountains, Snow, and the beautifully crafted homes.
Sadly due to the fact that we don't have any great cameras,
we are unable to share with you most the beauty we see.

Once we got to Austria we were so happy.
Done with moving, for now.
Done help exchanging!
We are here to take a break and have fun!
and that is exactly what we did.

The first night we just kicked back,
got comfortable and caught up with the girls.
Talked about our travel experiences,
and also about the plan for the next day..
We had one huge party with 30+ people!
Surprisingly, it was very organized and clean.

I think kids our age act much more mature
and responsible with their drinking.
I would guess because they are aloud to drink earlier.
(However they have problems with kids 13 and 14 often drinking)
Anyways, everyone had tons of fun.
However Darien and I were exhausted,
so while most went out to the bar
A few of us stayed back cleaned up and knocked out.

The next morning we didn't struggle with any hangovers!
Well most of us anyways(;
Anyways come daylight,
Darien and I went to a Museum and walked around town.
Graz is pretty awesome I must admit.
Very artsy and interesting.
We didn't get to have the full experience,
due to the fact we stayed only a weekend.
However it was still a good one none the less.

So anyways, our train leaves at 5:30AM
which is in less than 7 hours from the time I have written this.
We are heading to Prague!
We are so excited, mainly because we will be resting.
Bulking up before our last BANG before we leave.
Plus it is a long train ride there.
I don't have pictures now and I apologize,
however our friends took many photos.
So once they are transferred over to us we will post some on the blog!

(This is the calm before the storm, stay posted my friends)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Europe All Night to Get Lucky

"Ugh, I ripped a hole in my favorite shorts,
I'm never going to get over this..." -Darien Thayne

"...You may not be able to get over it,
but I can promise you, you can get through it." -Cody Ahn

Those exact words honestly made me through my day.
(But more on that later)
We have been working extra hard today now that Pierettes back.
She was off for a few days flying as a stewardess.
And plus it's our last day,
and we must leave with a good impression ;)

However, we didn't get much sleep,
we were awoken at 8AM, well I was.
(Darien went back to sleep after)
Reason being for breakfast and an early start to work.
After breakfast we got Darien up, and got to work.
We had to sand a door that with terrible tools,
and move kitchen furniture that was under a pile of other furniture.
Let's just say it wasn't our most favorite job.
Non the less it was partially finished ;)
I say partially due to the fact that we gave up on sanding the door.

back to the quote I posted at the beginning.
After our lunch break we went back to the house,
we took a shortcut which involved climbing over a fence..
As you have already guessed, Darien's shorts were ripped in the process.
Due to the fact Darien was super tired today,
he was in a worse mood after realizing his favorite shorts had been ripped.
and in all places, the crotch area.
Luckily Darien has learned to pick up with a needle and thread.
(He has sewn to fix a bracelet, backpack, his shorts buttons, and now his ripped shorts)
Darien has been pretty unlucky with the stuff he brought.

However we are done so we are happy!
Well at least we think we are done.
Honestly Darien and I are worried there
might be more work to be done.
Hopefully not.
But if there is we will jump to it.

So tomorrow our train will leave at 6:30am
Meaning we have to be up at 6AM...
If you didn't already know, we aren't exactly morning people.
Much less ones who go to bed early.
So hopefully we make our train on time >_<

We will be traveling for 12 hours in total.
No worries though,
we couldn't be happier to be off to a good weekend!
We will be living it up in Graz, Austria for the weekend then soon
after that we are (hopefully) making our way to Prague, Czech Republic.
If we can find a way to get there,
We couldn't find any trains to Prague... but if there is a will there's way, right?
Once in Prague it will just be us kicking back and relaxing.
Hopefully if I'm lucky
I will be able to fit in another blog post during this next week.
If not... Sorry, not sorry.

But just think,
till I come back to the good ol' boring life of the US of A.
I can't say I'm not looking forward to it,
but I honestly am not ready to call quits either.
I know I mentioned being home sick,
but it's mainly the fact that we've been sitting in certain countries
for too long, and its time to be up and going! <-- tee-hee

I'm glad I got to post as much as I did,
my family has been clingy lately, and I feel its due to the lack of posts.
... Love you guys... <3
Hope to be back here soon,


(Darien, Noéimie, and I)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Europe to Catch UP!

Wow I am so behind...

First off I apologize for those relying on my blog posts!
My excuse for my tardiness is that my iPhone isn't waterproof.
in my defense the new iOS 7 update said otherwise!
... I'm not that dumb for those who think I didn't already know that...
Sadly it wasn't as waterproof as it promised. 


Our first help exchange!
First off I will introduce the family we stayed with!
John & Karen with their son Allister.
We were lucky to work with such amazing people.
It was a small holding, at least that's what I'm told.
We worked on building a fence for them,
... After a month o.O
It was quite a lot of work but worth it for everything they did for us.

John and Karen.
The British Couple in France.
My god can they talk!
...more John than Karen,
But we had no idea any human being could talk so much!
John would usually ramble until Karen stopped him.
Honestly it was hilarious listening to them at first.
However I wouldn't recommend the monthly dose that we took. 
Safe to say we really got to know each other.

Karen was so amazing,
she constantly went out of her way to make us feel at home.
She cooked amazing delicious dinners,
She took us out to see around France.
She would tease us for sleeping in,
but made sure we did our work.
She literally became our British Mom.
John, he was a funny guy.
He would always be cracking jokes,
most of which we never understood.
But he just was a funny guy in general,
always lighting up the mood in the room.
Some people would say he is mad,
honestly Darien and I would call him awesome.
John although outspoken,
was always someone who could make you smile. 

He was quite the funny kid.
Together played many card games.
We would do anything to make him laugh,
his laugh could make a cucumber smile.
He became like a little brother to us there.
We teased him and hung out here and there.
He also brought his friend Hugo quite often.
Him and Hugo were the same as Darien and I.
Although they were 13 and 16,
They were best friends who also loved to argue.
But all of us together always brought smiles.

During my stay in France I was able to meet a good friend of mine(:
Kévin and I had been friends for quite sometime before the trip.
So once I was in France we made sure to hang out!
He wasn't able to stay long when he visited,
however I visited him later on and his family was awesome.
They were very nice and took me around Tours.
Seeing their French architecture was amazing.
It's true, old buildings are everywhere in Europe.
It seriously was like walking through a whole new world.
Walking around somewhere full of rich history was an amazing experience. 
Anyways, it was nice getting to hangout with Kévin.

I really did enjoy France because it was our home away from home.
We planned on staying for 2 weeks,
However the HelpExchange we planned in
Holland notified us they had to cancel our stay.
So John and Karen were more than happy to keep us.
We stayed for a month all together.

The month of October seemed to rush by so quickly.
It just seemed weird leaving
it felt like it was not that long ago that we arrived!
To be fair it was our home away from home.
Which made us very home sick.
After leaving we have been talking non stop about 
how excited we are to come home.
3 Months is more than enough of traveling.

Here we are under the Eiffel Tower.

I couldn't get a good picture of the Eiffel Tower... ;(
Trust me I'm equally disappointed

Notre Dame
I did take this one!

I put a lock on this bridge <3



Okay so this place honestly looks photoshopped.
You could take a photo from any direction and make bank off it.
We are lucky to be working in such a beautiful part of Switzerland.

Here is my million dollar shot(;

Getting here however was a bit of a challenge.
Our whole Eurail experience has been a bit rocky.
One of our trains broke down and well, 
we were behind schedule and just BARELY missed a train
Literally we stared at it slowly closing the doors to leave.
We didn't know it was our train.. *facepalm*

Traveling on trains sucks.
No actually, Traveling in general sucks.
Darien and I seem to argue more during these stressful times.
But none the less with a little trust and risks taken,
we finally get to our destinations.

Their spare house with a view.

We first met the Portuguese family,
They are temporarily living with Madame Pierrette.
They came from Brazil, and they are so awesome.
The kids specifically.

^Andre, Christian, and Clis^
Hyper kids, who never seem to be calm.
We don't speak the same language,
although I am learning French, which they know along with Portuguese.
But we constantly are having fun.
Ping Pong Battles, Dance Off's, Wrestling, Etc.
We all understand one thing.
How to have fun(:

Andrea & The Dad
The Mother and Father (Which apparently we never caught his name)
Seriously she could be on a cooking show.
She specializes in Brazilian/Swiss foods,
At least I would bet on it.
The dad is very friendly and the only one who speaks english.
He gives us tips on where to go and tips and tricks(:
He invites us to see Switzerland,
John and Karen would do the same.
Honestly Darien and I are so tired of exploring,
We usually find excuses to bum out at home.
(We do go out most times though, but just ugh we would love to be bored one day)

Madame Pierette on the left
Clis dancing with Madame Pierrette
The Father in the back, Andrea(the mom) watching on the right.

Madame Pierette.
The owner and lady we work for.
She is interesting.
Very nice and a hard worker!
Seriously the first few days Darien and I were off the hook.
She is a stewardess so she is out flying quite often.
She hadn't showed up till the day after we arrived.
But once we worked we got to pick tons of apples,
and I mean TONS!
We were very privileged for coming this time of year.

Picking Apples was our job.
Plus the fact that it is repetitive makes it quite boring.
Not to mention the weather making a muddy terrain made it worse.
However we get tons of apple juice and desserts from it(:
We took apples from every apple tree in town.
Luckily I got a break... Let me share with you,

The Story of the Impolite Brick.
Noémie, Madam Pierette Daughter, needed help moving out
So we gladly helped her move into her flat,
after that she offered to take us to Neuchâtel.
It was quite late, but we figured we needed to avoid picking more apples.
So we agreed to visiting this "Amazing Town"
She said she would drop us off while she headed off to her Horse Lessons.
Once there she told us the places we should visit while we were there.
We didn't have time to see them all so these were our options,
A Church/Castle that overlooks the town,
An old historic part of town,
Or a a big lake that we was very far away.
Obviously we went to see the Church/Castle overlooking town. 
Once their we enjoyed the view and played on it like a playground.
We are a bit childish, age is just a number guys.

...anyways we played the chainsaw game.
(Figuring out escapes if people with chainsaws showed up)
During this process we also used nearby rooftops that we could jump on.
Then I stumbled upon a cool ladder up to a chimney way high.
So the inner child in me said climb it,
So of course I yelled for Darien to join me.
We start climbing, Darien ahead of I.
We got to the top and Darien climbed onto the little chimney.
I looked down from the ladder debating if I should join Darien.
 It a tall glass of nope,
I GTFO'd down the ladder quickly as I could.
Darien disliking the height as well joins me.
Bricks be loose and shit.
Darien trying to maneuver his way to the ladder.
Loose brick be GTFOing off the chimney.
Darien yells "WATCH OUT"
I be like "what, what" guess I'll look up.
Brick be like "MOVE B**** GET OUT THE WAY."
Looking up into darkness I don't see anything.
I feel something hit my eyes.
Unable to see anything anywhere else.
I stumble down the tall ladder to the roof.
Be in shock like WTF.
Curl into fetal position.
10 seconds in.
Darien says "Are you okay, I'm so sorry!"
I stand up like a boss, 
"Psh, Brick ain't got no manners"
Shock still absorbing pain.
I feel great.
Little goose egg on the eye.
Bit of blood.
Took a picture right away cuz it be cool and shit.
Went home.
(This was actually taken in the middle of the night, during a pee break.)
As you can see my sleeping mask around my neck.
Whole eye be black n' swollen next morning.
(don't have pics of the eye being black sorry)
Family look at me like dafuq.
Cody ain't working today!
..and that's the story of how I got out of picking apples in Swiss Land.

Anyways, point being.
I got to rest a couple days!
Darien however got stuck taking the role of Prince Appleseed.
Which wasn't too bad from what I hear!
So anyways the eye is better and life is good.

I will post again, not sure when but IT WILL COME!!
Thanks for your loyalty to the blog!
I hope my story struck some pretty awesome imagination scenes!


Enjoy us doing the handshake song with three people