Friday, November 22, 2013

Europe & Going in Prague!

Simply put, it's cheap!
This was meant to be our escape,
our relax, chill, nothing to do just read a book and sleep.
However this hostel (Hostel One) changed our plans.
We met some amazing people here.
(Kathrine, Joe, Nick, Chelsea, Jess, Tristan, and Jason)

We ended up drinking a lot here.
(Sorry Ma and Pa)
 It's been a blast though.
So many great experiences.
We walked all over town saw some great sights,
we enjoyed the food and especially the beer.
Seems everyday has been a new adventure.

We were able to see the John Lennon Wall,
it's a wall where they wrote quotes by John Lennon on it,
but the government kept erasing them.
So it was a battle between society and the government
where they constantly kept going back and forth on it,
until someone bought it and let people draw on it as they please.

(We were lucky enought to join the fun!)

(An awesome street band we saw on the way!)

Our first adventure was up to the Prague Castle,
We brought the hostel crew and walked all day.
Seriously it was such a long walk.
(Plus it was freezing cold) 
Darien, as always, was just wearing shorts.
Everyone keeps calling him out on being a mad man,
However he really only complains about his hands.
Once we got there though it was pretty nice.
the churches all seem to blend in with eachother in Europe.
What really made our experience though,
was the people we were with.
Most of the good times come from the people you meet.

(This is the Church / Castle)

After that we ended up going to Starbucks.
It's terrible seeing so many corporate companies here,
you get a better feel ordering coffee from a small town shop.
We travel to see new things, not the same places!
Anyways we ordered some coffee and man oh man.
We were walking over to a table and these ladies had their
coats on a chair that was sticking out a bit,
and well Darien accidentally knocked it over and spilt coffee on them.
The glare we got from everyone in the room was priceless.
I honestly felt like I was back in the states.
Luckily we had tons of good friends in the room to lighten up the mood. 

Our greatest adventure was the Bone Museum.
This place was sick,
(in the throw up / it's creepy way)
So many bones just stacked into some sculpture freaks me out.
It's both demoralizing and nasty.
However it was interesting to see none the less.
It was crazy though, we got to see 3 churches / museums
for around 5 DOLLARS!

(creepy lady be preparing her victims for the next bone project...)

(Chandeliers of HEADS hanging over our heads)

(Honestly like this is F'd up) 

After the Bone Chapel, we went to see the other churches.
This specific one blew the rest out of the water!

 (The BEAUTIFUL Church)

(the inside looking all high class and what not)

(This guy is totally a Jedi)
(or a Lord of the Rings character) 

(Darien and Jess... Crazy fools)

(Ceilings be like look at me, now look at yours.. that awe/awh moment)

Most of our time was well spent at night.
We played a lot of fun drinking games.
Plus we got to see so many people do the funniest things.
(Oh the memories that will forever be kept)
The clubs and pubs were way too fun.
Lots of smoking goes on here which is terrible,
but you usually don't notice with the amount of fun you have.
So that was our week in Prague!
Stay Excellent!

(Joe, Katherine, Jess)

(Retro Music Hall)

(View from up top)


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