Monday, July 1, 2013

"Who am I?"
It seems to be a rather important question to a lot of people. 

Everyday we're given opportunities... To choose, to learn, & to experience
These opportunities guide us and show us the people we are.
So "Who am I" is a question that is being answered on it's own. 

Now, I find this interesting. The lives we live, the people we are. 
We are unique, curious, intelligent people. It's in our nature. 
It's fascinating to know what humans are capable of. 
Our uniqueness brings us important roles of new understandings.
Our curiosity helps push us towards opening new doors.
Our intellect strengthens us by increasing our knowledge and making us better. 

We all know this. 
We all see whats happening, maybe in different views but we do know. 
So now that you know who are you are, what you're capable of...
Experience it. Go out and live your life. 

Being born with those 3 things. 
So who are you? You're a Human Being! 
So get up do something exciting and worthwhile. 
Define yourself. Better yourself. 
Because that's what human beings do.