Friday, August 12, 2011

In-The-Moment Perspective

            Alright so I was hoping to be able to do this outside in the midnight summer air but sadly I couldn’t get the dang brightness down on this computer because it was way to bright and also because I just realized even if I could get the brightness down to zero bugs would still come towards the light and I would probably have a lot of mosquito bites all around my body. So that was a fail. However just before I had started writing this Journal Entry I went out to the still night. I was sitting in my backyard next to my dog just looking up at the sky seeing each and every individual star light up just a tiny fraction of the sky. I thought of each star as a person some is shining brighter then others but each one having purpose. You know thinking about it, if there were only one star in the sky wouldn’t it be overwhelmed with darkness? I feel like that if there were only one person on this earth. Wouldn’t that person feel overwhelmed by the world? I know this is a super cheesy thought to share for today but sometimes I’m like that. I get caught in the moment. Which I’m sure I have lost now. Anyways I realized I am one who sees from multiple perspectives. When I see a person homeless on the streets I try to understand how did he get there? Where is his family? Is he making a valiant effort trying to pick himself up or is he happy with the lifestyle he has now? Growing up I’m sure a lot of people heard the term “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. However I feel some of society keeps there thoughts to themselves, some judging the cover, others getting an idea of what this book has to Intel. Everyone has a story and for me I’d like to be able to understand and hear what their story is. Now I may not be an avid reader when it comes to books, but I love hearing the story people have to share. In life perspective is key to unity. And with the type of person I am being united is where I’d like to be. So I have decided from now on. I will go out and find my passion, share it, and ask others what theirs is and learn a little from them. Because we’re not here to always figure things out on our own, but to learn from others perspective.

P.S. I am not a writer at all and I’m sure this was just a “in the moment” entry I had. So I’m sorry for the ridiculous words ha-ha. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Alright so I am about to share with you my PERSONAL ENTRIES
that I have kept writing since the start of June 2011. 
So bare with me. This was before I thought I had an audience. 
I tweaked it a bit. I didn't delete anything. Just added on.              

Remember being 3 years old and seeing the world for the first time. Shouldn’t we still see the world that way? I’m not saying dumb down and fill your diaper, but really look at the world. Now I mean LOOK! Be aware of things around you. Try to imagine what things could do from a different perspective. Like instead of using toilet paper for bathroom try using it for Toilet Papering people’s houses! (NOT RECOMMENDED!) That way if anyone reads this I can’t get sued ;) ha-ha. Not only that but try to imagine a tool that could help you in your daily life. Like I would like a water bottle that never runs out of COLD fresh clean water! That would be amazing! People would be more hydrated and healthier! Imagination is a fun tool so use it often!

Blogging a new beginning

You know blogging is one of the best inventions. 
I was just blog surfing, going through each and every blog and it truly is incredible.
I saw a lot of blogs about families and ourselves, and it seems like blogging is the escape for a lot of people.
When you blog you have the ability to be yourself and nothing more. 
You share your most prized memories, thoughts, and actions. 
Now going through I was able to see that, to others they might get bored of hearing about someones life,
but for me it was exciting! Its not the same reading about someones memories, others might not understand but really all that matters is that you do! Blogging is like a journal. So I think I am going to post my personal thoughts from some previous entries I have worked on... So here we go!