Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DAY 11!

Alright i'm guilty. Guilty of not blogging for weeks. Four weeks, Four Days, 1 Hour, and 4 Mins to be exact. Yes you did want to know that because there were alot of fours in there! Anyways I've kinda started another blog. BUT! It isn't online. Ha... Ha... Its more of a journal I've started doing, but instead of writing about my day I write about my thoughts. Such as movies that have inspired me. Along with Questions of the Day Which for the days that I do blog I will ask one. Anyways lets cut to the chase!

My Siblings!
Alright pictures are in construction!

Casey is my one and only brother. He is 23 years old till August 14. He is Married to Mindy Ahn and they have two children! They are the cutest nieces I have ever had! Their names are Tinsley and Riley, Riley is the oldest. Casey is in the Air Force and lives in Washington. He is a great older brother and I love talking to him. I miss him so much and can't wait to visit him this summer!

Courtney is my one and only sister! She is 13 years old turning 14 on November 13. She is amazing at soccer and I fully support her although I dont go to her soccer games... I know horrible brother I am. She is in Middle School and i'm pretty sure her head can't get any bigger. Although i'm pretty sure she has tons of friends in school and is probably popular but still. I just give her a hard time. She is a great sister and I love her so much :)