Wednesday, April 4, 2012

You Choice, Your Future.

That moment you've been waiting for is RIGHT HERE!
Look around. 
Step back from the worldly things going on and LOOK
This is it.

Do you feel like you are waiting for the perfect moment?
The perfect timing that society says is just around the corner.
. . . It is just a grasp away . . . 

Can you not see it? 
It's never been a grasp away!
Here it is in the palm of your hands!!!

Too often we get caught up in the world of 
Money, Work, Materialistic, Power...
Too often we forget who we really are
and what we stand for.

Our moment is now.
You'll never be ready if you're waiting 
for the perfect time to come.

Take your opportunity.
Because it is here.
Especially at the age after high school.
Don't wait.
You are going to be living off the
choices you make now. 

Be Wise.
Be Willing.
Be Ready.