Thursday, December 19, 2013

Europe till the end

Alright, Alright.
I know I'm so behind and have disappointed many.
However now that I'm home I will write more often!
(My integrity might skew your opinion on that statement) 
So for those still interested THIS BLOG POST WILL BE AWESOME!


This place was by far an adventure!
(Our train ride there however was more of a pain.
As are most of our train rides.)
We stayed in X Hostel and at first we didn't favor it.
But the staff along with the people staying there were amazing.
I went out our first night there,
apparently they have these things called Sparties.
Budapest is well known for their spas and pools,
so they often hold parties, clubs, and events in them.
I won't deny I had more fun than expected,
however they are filthy, full of beer and horny teens.
Luckily they had more hidden pools 
where less beer and "make-out kids" would be.
It was a good experience mainly due to the fact 
that I met most of our good friends from this.
After that night Budapest became our new favorite city.
The food was cheap, and they city was always offering something fun to do.
We discovered this amazing food called Kebab's.
They weren't the same as American Kebabs 
where you put finger foods on sticks, no those are lame.
These were godly & super cheap!
We ate those nearly every day and yet we had no money.
Next up the coolest things they had in Budapest, The Mind Games.
We went to a place called Exit Point and what you do is
they lock you in a room and you have to find clues to get out.
They give you an hour and well we made a mistake.
Our Exit Point group -- Dennis, Alexander, Darien, Andolie, and Myself
The mistake was everyone in the group above
(except Andolie and Alexander)
had drank before hand...
So that game became a bigger challenge.
It was hard! Now I say this for my drunk self,
but we honestly could not figure anything out.
We had the lady in charge constantly give us all the hint cards!
And sadly we were only one step away from getting out before time ran out...
But we were easily able to get over our loss,
the bar right outside helped quite a lot.
(Mustn't forget our Tarzan game "Oh Jane")
And lastly I'd like to end our Budapest update with
The Karaoke Bar & The Cat Cafe.
First off the Karaoke bar was AWESOME!
We got free 3 beers for going in,
plus Darien was sick so I got 6!
We sung and danced and enjoyed drinking the winners champagne.
And after all that we were lead to this disgusting cafe.
Disgusting but interesting.
It had 16 cats walking around and tons of kitty toys everywhere.
Apparently you just order coffee or tea and pet cats.
But seemed to be enjoyed by many.
So shortly after that we made our way out of Budapest with a heart breaking goodbye.
We were loved by the city and it's travelers we met!
I Definitely want to come back here again!

Berlin & Paris
Worst Idea EVER!
So Berlin seemed to be the "must go" place of Europe.
Now I'm not saying that you shouldn't go there,
but Darien and I seemed to be less entertained by this city.
I mean it was nice, I did go out and see a lot of the city.
However there wasn't that many parties,
Darien was sick the whole time,
and we forgot to book our hostel for our entire trip there,
so we stayed in a nice one for a few days then
ended up staying in a shitty serviced one.
However with all the luck we've had the entire trip I wasn't surprised
that we had one city that things didn't really go perfectly.
The little things that made Berlin semi-cool were,
Our first hostel The Cat's Pajama's.
The Christmas Market.
The Alternative Tour.
Breaking and Entering the abandoned Spree Park.
And our room mate Lochi. (Like Loki)
Other than that I'd rather not go into how lame our trip was there.
So that was Berlin for us... Yeah.

Then we made our train ride back to Paris to catch our flight to Ireland.
Now I wasn't as excited to be back in Paris because everything was expensive.
I mainly stayed in the hostel and became a complete bum.
The worst part was they didn't even have a kitchen here!
So Darien and I had to improvise back to our first week in Europe.
Cold beans and bread.
Let's just say Paris wasn't any better than Berlin.
Well the second time around.
First time it was epic.
We didn't stay in Paris long due to the fact we used it as a place
to stay till our plane left for Ireland.
Which speaking of Ireland...


Awh Yeah.
Landing here was like a kid in a candy store for us.
We were so happy to be back.
Plus remembering how stupid we used to be from the beginning
 made us feel better knowing that our past was long behind us.
We didn't stay in Dublin once we got there though.
We took a bus straight to Galway to stay with our friends we made at the beginning.
Jordan & Rose!
We had a blast for our last nights there with these girls.
We missed them so much and it was just nice seeing them.
We played tons of card games the first few nights,
then on the weekend we drank and went out!
Well everyone but Darien.
Darien went out with his bang by getting hammered!
Which wasn't hard because of the fact that
we made Candy Cane Vodka and it was DELICIOUS!
It was hilarious, Darien never had been so drunk!
We went out and I forgot my ID and Darien kept getting denied in.
So I took Darien back home, grabbed my wallet and went back out to find the girls.
It was awesome.
The girls paid my way in and we danced all night.
Once the club closed we went out for food.
Best food ever. Chinese.
After that we headed home to find Darien half way off the couch.
We were all too tired to clean up so we just knocked out.
The next morning however...
The place was a mess, no dirtier than we left it but still
it was going to take hours to clean.
The girls and us went out for a hangover breakfast and they headed off to work
while we headed home to clean up the mess.
We found out later that Darien had a puking session in the bathroom.
Darien denies this to be true from his memory,
but the evidence was puke in the bathtub and beans.
Which no one ate beans but him in Ireland.
But held proof that it was a good night.
The next night we kicked back and played cards 
since Darien and I had to get up early for our flight home.
It was sad to leave but we were happy to finally be heading home.

This was such an eye opening opportunity with so many amazing experiences. 
We didn't think it would last as long as it did.
Four Months before hand seemed to be so short,
but by the time it was over we look back and think that was long enough.
We learned so much and became so close.
I never imagined how important a trip like this would be.
It wasn't only just about having fun or escaping the life we onced lived.
It was definitive moment in our lives of building character.
I am forever in the gratitude of my family and my cousin.
This trip wouldn't have lasted if they weren't there supporting me.
I won't forget this experience.
And I hope those who read this will experience some opportunity like this.
Now here we are at the the end of my trip but not my journey
we're still facing the beginning(:

So let this be known.
the world is big and we have a lot to grow from.

(I apologize for not pictures in this post. My phone that I have the pics with is no longer in service)