Tuesday, March 22, 2011


S-o I decided that i'm just going to be honest.
C-alling people names and putting them down is getting old.
R-eally this is out Senior year and never have we been so immature.
E-verything is testing us, so keep focused on you not others.
W-e need to stop missing our past and start moving on.

I-, will always keep positive and say nice things to others for the rest of the year.
T-hat is my goal, and I will achieve it.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Its amazing how something so ridiculous can be so amusing. My friend bought A $20 LOLLIPOP.

Yes!!! $20 dollars down the drain for the lollipop you see above this text. Who would ever buy such a thing?

I'm sure I could just buy a regular lollipop myself and bedazzel it myself all for the price of 5 dollars AT MOST!!!

*Psh* Cody you have no idea what your talking about that lollipop is so cool!

NO!!! I know exactly what i'm talking about you! Really that is probably why they called them suckers in the first place!

Lets make a candy that is bedazzeled and sell it for 20 bucks! ... Yay! I want one mommy! Okay kiddo here you go!

The clerk "...*psh what a sucker*" The mom "I know right! And they are only for 20 dollars!"

Seriously that is how the name started. I decided that is how it goes.

Sorry to pop your bubble but your getting scammed.

But hey if your loaded with money and dont want to spend it on anything other then bedazzled suckers go ahead I wont stop you :)

P.S. This blog will become more of my thoughts and less of random crap now :) sorry about the pink it is now changing to white :D

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I love randomness. It brings imagination into our lives. Just look at this picture!
Who thinks of such a random thing? Its amazing what our power of imagination can do.
Without imagination we wouldn't have anything. We wouldn't have a computer,
no cell phones, no iPods, etc. Imagination is key. You have the power to
create a life to enjoy! Your imagination is what is what decides how your life will turn out.
You make those decisions. Haven't you noticed your whole day gets ruined when you stub your toe in the morning? But seems to go great when you wake up happy? Seems as if your imagining
your whole day before it happens in the morning, and whatever you 
imagine your day to be it turns out to be that way right?  

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Productive Days

Isn't it great when you have a whole day to yourself and so you decide to be productive with it?
Well today was one of those days and It was a very productive day! 
I was able to wake up and get ready so I could take me and a few friends to Cafe Rio,
Then I went to my friends house to make cookies but instead we just ended up messing up her room haha,
Then I drove to school and watched Dance 3 rehearse and it was AMAZING!,
After all that I picked my sister up from school and took her to build-a-bear (she owes a bear to court)
Then I got on the computer and updated everything like my blog ;D it was great.
Productive Days...