Sunday, September 22, 2013

Europe & Going... destination Spain!

We have arrived in Spain!!!

With Ireland in the past
our next adventure is in BARCELONA!
You heard me right.
We're living it up in the BCN!
(BCN is the acronym for Barcelona)

Once we got there it was 8:30PM
So we made our way to the closest hostel.
We had one booked but it was quite far away.
So we ended up staying elsewhere.
Our first hostel wasn't something I'd go back to.
It was tiny and didn't seem comfortable.
It had the best reviews in Barcelona,
but I think people were paid to write them
because that place didn't have anything to write about.
But hey, it was cheap so I can't complain.

We went to bed pretty early,
and the next day we made our way
to a hostel named 360.
Jordan and Rose (Barnacle Gang from Galway)
recommended it to us.
I have to say this hostel ROCKS!
It's spacious, comforting, the kitchen is big enough
for me to cook in, and last of all...
We got a free dinner!

For those family cooks, 
I finally understand how nice it is 
to not have to cook one night.
To be treated ourselves!
I think we plan on staying here till France.
This hostel has a lot of free activities,
Walking Tours, Club Entrence, PING PONG!!,
Computers, and its right in the centre of it all!
By far my favorite hostel yet.

As of Barcelona so far,
it has been pretty cool.
We walked around the city and got postcards!
This place halves the prices compared to Ireland.
Ireland definately killed us.
Our bank accounts are at dangerously low levels.
However we do have a couple Help Exchange
jobs we've managed to get.
More than likely we'll be doing that for the rest of our trip.
We just have to tough it out another 2 weeks.
As for the city here are some photos!

We managed to witness some gathering.
I think it was to bless those who protected
Barcelona from being taken over.
I dont know a lot about this though
so don't take my word for it.

This is the Catedral in Barcelona.
The picture doesn't match the justice.
It's far more intricate and beautiful.
But for now it will have to do.

This park had birds ALL OVER!
Seriously you had to watch where you were walking.
Many people come to feed the birds.
As you can see the girl in this photo is doing so.
Birds swarmed all over her!
They were not afraid to hop on her arms either!
Stay tuned because Darien & I plan to do this!

As you can see it is great so far.
That night we joined the group and went
and experienced Barcelona's nightlife
with our new found friends from our Hostel, 360.
We got free club entry to "The Beach"
and guess what... It was on the beach!
The club was so fancy and beautiful.
However, Darien and I didn't sleep much
the night before. So we didn't stay long.
As beautiful as it was we couldn't enjoy it much longer.

The next day we slept in very late.
Which was fine, we had a new room mate we met.
His name was Jean-Paul, but we called him JP.
He told us he was from California,
and that he just is finishing up his 3 month trip around Europe.
He told us stories of his trip and it was awesome to hear.
We hung out at the hostel, played some cards,
and of course, our card game brought in more friends.
We also met a girl named, Aylin from Germany,
Two twins from Austria, Lana & Lisa,
and two girls named Asha,
(Really they are both named Joanna)
and they are from Poland.

We all had a blast that night.
After we played some cards, we all went out.
We went and saw the Magic Fountain.
It was a beautifully large fountain that they did a light show with.
You would see soft colors of blue, red, and yellow
lighting up the water with americanized music playing in the background.
Now I wouldn't say it was anything too amazing.
But most of our amazing experiences come
from having the right crowd with you.
And I couldn't think of any better group in Barcelona to be with.

Here is where they held the Magic Fountain.

Here would be our amazing group!
We owe Kudo's to one of the staff from our Hostel
he took this picture of us(:
Two people up top I didnt catch their names.
Top Row: (?), Lana, Darien
Middle Row: Asha, Asha, Lisa
Bottom Row: ME, Aylin, Jean-Paul(JP)

Soon after we went to this pub,
Jordan and Rose (Barnacle Gang) had recommended.
It was more of a local pub and so we got to experience
the real side of Barcelona. Got to see how the local's do!
It was great, and I was so grateful for that opportunity.
We all had tons of fun that night and I know it's a night we'll never forget(:

This day I went to the beach with JP, Asha, & Asha!
Darien wasn't feeling well so he didn't tag with.
The rumors are true! Barcelona has BEAUTIFUL beaches! 
I loved it,
I don't have much experience at the beach.
Close to none. BUT NOW I DO!
So being able to experience one of the best beaches in the world...
Well if you asked the people I went with.
They probably would tell you my inner child came out.
I dug in the sand, played in the waves, swam out to sea...
I just couldn't hold it in.
See I never really gave beaches their fair share of love.
I didn't grow up by them, so I didn't really get to appreciate them.
Boy... was I lucky to be able to not only enjoy an amazing sight,
but I also had amazing friends to accompany my new found experience.

My obsession of taking selfies comes out,
this one happens to be at the beach.
(Also that hotel you see in the background.. on the far left, is €3,500 a night.. that's more than $4,000!)

You can see how childish I look.
Along with my childish friends who decorated my body.
Asha is on the right, JP on the left(:

Now I LOVE this picture.
However if Asha saw this she'd kill me.
She is a bit self concious.
Hopefully she doesn't kill me after this :3

We spent the whole day there.
Barcelona keeps one upping itself each day :D
I left early, while the group stayed back.
I was getting tired, and wanted to nap for our next adventure.
So I made my way back to the hostel.
I know what you're all thinking,
and you couldn't have been more right.
Because walking back was a terrible idea.
I got lost!
The city is huge! Plus people mainly speak Spanish,
so getting directions was near impossible!
I spent two whole hours walking around before I found my way home.
Can't say it was terrible though.
I did get to experience the city and see... well everything.
Once I got back I was welcomed by JP.
For they stayed at the beach another two hours,
while I aimlessly walked around the city.
It is something I look back and laugh at though.

We didn't go out that night.
No one was really up for it,
I didn't get my nap, Darien was sick,
Asha's already went out and we didn't have contact.
JP didn't want to go alone,
and the twins were also too tired for another night.
So we played a few card games,
challenged each other at ping pong.
Then we all hit the sack.

Darien and I couldn't afford another night at 360,
it was a real bummer but we didn't have a choice with our budget.
So we bid our farewells to our friends
and made our way to the cheapest hostel.
Turns out it was only 5 mins away from 360, via train.
So after talking to our friends at 360 over facebook
we decided to keep in touch for upcoming events.

We set up home at our new hostel.
Played a few good games of chess.
Got to know the staff, <-- MAKE SURE TO ALWAYS DO THIS.
One, because they are your hosts, common courtesy.
Two, they know the city inside and out,
they will tell you where you want to go(:
and lastly, they were hired because they are amazing people.
Friendly, Fun, and all around good people.
This hostel we scored, well we got lucky.
Really lucky.
It's a new hostel trying to get it's buisness started.
It's super nice too.
So we get to stay here for really cheap.
Honstely this hostel deserves way more than its making us pay for.
Tailor's Hostel.
Make sure to stop by if you ever stop in Barcelona(:

Finally wrapping up this long post.
I apologize for any time consuming awesomeness from this post.
So we hung out with our friends from 360.
Apparently there are festivals going on here in BCN.
So we got to see a lot of DJ's and Dances.
It was most people's last night.
So we all had tons of fun just going from one festival to the next.
But with Darien & I's tight budget we had to leave early.
However, most of them all want us to visit them.
They seemed pretty adiment about it.
They even offered us a place to sleep if we did.
So we couldn´'t say no!
So come November, we shall visit our friends we make on the way(:

I might be posting more often now
due to much awesomeness arising on our adventure.
I have this option in my settings to see
where in the world people are reading this,
and man. I am so happy to see all these people reading my blog!

To end,
Here are two pictures of the delicous candies they have at the BCN market.


  1. Wow! The more I read, the more jealous I get ;) I hope Darien is able to get completely better so he can continue enjoying these amazing adventures. Barcelona sounds dreamy. It also sounds like you are doing it right--take it all in, and don't miss a thing. I can't wait to read about more.

    With love,

  2. Haha yeah Spain really is amazing. And yeah I think he was just going through a rough head cold, but he is much better now. Barcelona seems to become more and more beautiful the longer you stay, I'm scared for when we'll have to leave! It's suprising how much we've been able to do with almost no money! Seriously I am scraping by, makes me realize that I can do this more often though ;) Maybe next time I can get you to come with ;D

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