Saturday, September 28, 2013

Europe and... sleeping in Tailor's Hostel (Spain)

It's felt like a boring week,
but I'm about to share some pretty exciting stuff(;

Ever since our friends left at 360 we haven't done much.
Darien and I were used to being up late due to our previous adventures.
However this new hostel doesn't have as many friendly people.
It's small.
So we usually are up late reading or watching TV shows.
I was very disappointed in ourselves.
So I drained every source I had to find out what we could do,
since we didn't usually wake up till late afternoon it was a bit hard.

Luckily, I found out we were there during La Mercé
It was a festival they held at the end of September.
They always had something going on during the day and night.
So I got Darien and I up and going to our first stop.
The Procession of Giants.
I wish I could have taken better pictures,
much less not deleted them all because I thought they looked bad.
But they had these costumes that were.. well GIANT!
It was awesome, you'd see these giant costumes of people
walking down the streets of Barcelona! 
Everyone was smiling and throwing confetti
but point being we all were having a great time.

(Example picture I found online)

After that we walked around the city at night.
Found some cool bracelets we bought for €1.
Then headed home to do our boring night ritual.
Which of course was reading, watching TV shows,
And eating all of our bread.
We love Toast. It's better bread, and thats a fact,
 and so we abuse our loaf of bread.
We go through a loaf every day.
(I have cinnamon... as most of you know, it's my addiction)
Darien somehow eats toast plain... Weirdo
But yes. Bread goes by fast.
Don't worry though we have more food!
We eat pasta, eggs, tomatoes, and cereal!
Basically any free food we find.

La Mercé 2013

(I'm abusing pictures I find online)

We saw these posters EVERYWHERE.
We thought they were a disney production film.
So we ignored them.
Little did we know it was for the festival o_O

The next night we got to see the fireworks.
Words couldn't explain our experience we had 
with the fireworks of Barcelona's La Mercé...
When we started making our way there,
it almost sounded like cannons and guns were being fired.
The fireworks were so close,
so the noise was SO LOUD.
Not to mention this was a firework music show.
So the fireworks matched with the music being played, 
it was insane!
I might've lost some of my hearing due to this amazing experience.
But the great thing was,
that the fireworks were above the Magic Fountain.
The Color.
The Size.
The Atmosphere.
The Loud BOOM's Pulsing Throughout Your Body...
No firework show could ever beat what we were able to experience.

This picture coming up I had taken.
Darien and I were at the VERY FRONT.
Sadly we had this pillar in the way but I still am happy.
It didn't take away from our experience at all!

We stood just meters back from where the fireworks went off.

Another picture I found online.
I use this to show you how many people were there,
You can see the fountain under the fireworks, its white.
But it changed colors to match the show.

If you look at that picture you'll see
up towards the fountain a line where there isn't light in the crowd.
Those were bridges above the roads,
no one had access to get on them sadly.
But Darien and I were up in the front of those.
So we were able to get a really good spot(:

After that we hit the sack.
The next day we slept in all day and did some grocery shopping.
Everything is so cheap compared to Ireland.
So we stocked up!

Then we had a boring day.
I decided we had to go to the Beach.
So I told Darien we had to wake up early.
He tends to sleep more if given the opportunity.
Someone has to wake him up.
Luckily I can get up pretty easily.
I ended up waking up at 7AM!
Not necessarily by choice.
My body just wouldn't fall back asleep.
So I got up made myself some breakfast.
Then pretty much waited till noon to wake Darien.
The more sleep Darien has the happier he is.
So we went to the beach!
We pretty much spent the whole day there(:

Since then we have been at the hostel.
I still enjoy getting up and walking around.
Darien and I kinda do our own thing.
Traveling with someone this long...
It's nice to have some alone time.
To go out and just do stuff on your own.
(Parents we are still very safe and making sure
 to let the other know what we are doing and for how long)

So with that being said I will end this with my favorite pictures
I had taken on my personal walking tour(:

I lied this was when Darien and I walked to the beach.
Lots of people dressed funny to get money on the streets.
This was my favorite.
Yellow Lady, on a Yellow Bike!


Making my way to the cathedral(:


Stay Smiling
Baba Booey!

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