Sunday, November 17, 2013

Europartying in Austria!

The Train Ride.
We were beyond tired,
6AM isn't exactly the easiest time for Darien and I to get up.
We should have woken up earlier,
or gone to bed earlier, that would've been wise.
Our train was set to leave at 6:36AM, 
So we decided waking up at 6AM was fine.
After all its only like a 10 min walk away.
We still managed to make our train!
However in the process,
Darien ended up losing a pair of gloves.
(Just his luck right, he happens to lose everything!)
This wasn't entirely his fault though.
The family moved them but we couldn't figure out where.
Darien wasn't happy after he was unable to find them.
C'est La Vie.

The Train ride was nothing special.
Boring, Long, and Tiring as it always has been.
however the anticipation for our destination fueled 
our optimism for our journey there.
We were able to see a lot of Switzerland.
It was beautiful.
Mountains, Snow, and the beautifully crafted homes.
Sadly due to the fact that we don't have any great cameras,
we are unable to share with you most the beauty we see.

Once we got to Austria we were so happy.
Done with moving, for now.
Done help exchanging!
We are here to take a break and have fun!
and that is exactly what we did.

The first night we just kicked back,
got comfortable and caught up with the girls.
Talked about our travel experiences,
and also about the plan for the next day..
We had one huge party with 30+ people!
Surprisingly, it was very organized and clean.

I think kids our age act much more mature
and responsible with their drinking.
I would guess because they are aloud to drink earlier.
(However they have problems with kids 13 and 14 often drinking)
Anyways, everyone had tons of fun.
However Darien and I were exhausted,
so while most went out to the bar
A few of us stayed back cleaned up and knocked out.

The next morning we didn't struggle with any hangovers!
Well most of us anyways(;
Anyways come daylight,
Darien and I went to a Museum and walked around town.
Graz is pretty awesome I must admit.
Very artsy and interesting.
We didn't get to have the full experience,
due to the fact we stayed only a weekend.
However it was still a good one none the less.

So anyways, our train leaves at 5:30AM
which is in less than 7 hours from the time I have written this.
We are heading to Prague!
We are so excited, mainly because we will be resting.
Bulking up before our last BANG before we leave.
Plus it is a long train ride there.
I don't have pictures now and I apologize,
however our friends took many photos.
So once they are transferred over to us we will post some on the blog!

(This is the calm before the storm, stay posted my friends)

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